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DeployPlatformfld is a Mac app that security experts classify as potentially unwanted because the moment it gets installed, it can change the main browser’s settings without the permission of the user. Once integrated with the browser, DeployPlatformfld can redirect the searches by customizing the default search engine and displaying various ads.What is typical for this program is that it takes over the target browser (this can be Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or any other Mac-compatible browser) and uses its tabs and the new windows that you open as advertisement space. DeployPlatformfld fills the tabs and pages you load with various pop-up notifications, ads, banners, and links that redirect to specific websites. Very often, in order to facilitate this ad-generation, the program installs some helper components, changes the search engine settings and replaces the homepage. This is the reason DeployPlatformfld is considered to be a Mac browser hijacker.

The DeployPlatformfld virus on Mac
The DeployPlatformfld virus

DeployPlatformfld for Mac

DeployPlatformfld for Mac is a browser extension that floods the screen of the targeted browser with hundreds of Pay-Per-Click ads and redirect messages. DeployPlatformfld purposefully positions the annoying advertisements right on top of the pages that you want to visit or over the navigation buttons so that you eventually click on them. Normally, this program is used as a browser hijacker that can redirect traffic and searches to sites that pay for promotion and visitors. Once integrated with the main Mac browser, DeployPlatformfld can automatically redirect you to pages that contain sponsored content. Some of the sites that you may land on, however, may not be reliable or relevant and if you are not careful where you click, you may get redirected to web locations that contain viruses and malware like the infamous Ransomware and Trojans. For this reason, our “How to remove” team usually advises that anyone who has a hijacker on their device should consider uninstalling it in order to limit the exposure to aggressive ads and unknown web locations.

What is DeployPlatformfld?

DeployPlatformfld is a piece of software that targets Mac browsers with the idea to eventually fill their screen with sponsored ads and redirect prompts. DeployPlatformfld, like Wappo is not a dangerous virus or a representative of the malware category, however, its activity can disturb the regular web browsing activity.

Therefore, it’s best if you don’t trust and engage with the commercials that this software displays. While some of the offers may appear to be attractive and contain products you might be interested in, keep in mind that after you click the given ad you may be redirected to a completely different web location. This is because browser hijacker programs may sometimes display ads that lead to sites that promote fake or questionable products and services. It is not excluded also that the hijacker might display on-screen warning messages and prompts that ask you to buy some security software and/or provide some personal information or system permissions so as to solve a detected “problem”. Such warnings, however, should never be trusted as they may often be used as scam messages that want to trick you into installing a virus, or malware from the rank of Trojans and Ransomware.

The DeployPlatformfld app

The DeployPlatformfld app is a potentially unwanted program that can mess with the settings of Mac browsers. The DeployPlatformfld app is not capable of harming a Mac computer but uninstalling it can save you from random page redirects to questionable web locations.If you have never dealt with a browser hijacker before, we suggest that you remove it by using a security program or a manual removal guide like the one below.


Detection Tool

*Source of claim SH can remove it.

Remove “DeployPlatformfld will damage your computer” from Mac

The following instructions will allow you to remove “DeployPlatformfld will damage your computer” in two ways:

  • The manual instructions will allow you to remove it on your own by downloading 2 software suites which will show you the folders the threat is located in. Installing, scanning, and deleting everything will require 1-2 hours of your time, depending on your speed and the threat itself.
    Note: If “DeployPlatformfld ” has an in-built ability to restore itself on a restart, the manual steps will not prevent that. We recommend the automatic removal.
  •  Download SpyHunter for Mac (one of the apps used in the manual instructions), scan with it, and if you decide to use the program, it will likely require about 15-20 minutes. This, however, requires an active subscription for SpyHunter, which means either to use the trial version or purchase the software.

Removal instructions:
1. Download EtreCheck from the Appstore and scan for any “DeployPlatformfld ” unsigned files. Delete them. (You can skip this step altogether and download and scan with Spyhunter instead if you don’t want to double-check things).
2. Download and install Spyhunter for Mac. Scan for any malicious files.
3. The app will show you which files are infected. Either use SpyHunter to delete them for you (the automatic removal) or do it manually, which means tracking down each detected location by yourself and deleting the file.
4. In most cases start with /private/var/root/Library/Application Support/.”DeployPlatformfld “/”DeployPlatformfld “
5. In Finder press Shift+Command+G to open the Find window.
6. Search for the /var directory. Then proceed and look for the /root folder inside.
7. It will most likely be locked and you will need additional permissions to meddle with it.
8. Press command+I and scroll to sharing and permissions. Add your user name to permissions.
9. Now you should be able to access the /root folder and proceed and locate the /Library folder inside it. Proceed to do the same until you are inside the /Application Support folder.
10. It is possible that the folder you look for is hidden, if that is the case use command+shift+. to locate and find the file you want to delete.
11. Delete the “DeployPlatformfld ” file.
12. If none of this helps, try the steps in this guide


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