Your browser has been hijacked! Hello, reader, and welcome to our article focused on virus, a an Android Browser Hijacker that has recently been reported to target the browsers of different Android devices. A Browser Hijacker is a software that, once inside your device, starts altering your browser settings, often changing the front page and the default search engine, regardless of whether you are using Chrome, Firefox or any other browser. This sort of software can be really frustrating and can sometimes make it very difficult for you to effectively use your browser. For that reason, down below the main part of the article, readers can find a detailed manual that will guide them through the different steps of eliminating Browser Hijackers from their smartphones.

Should you be worried?

The worst thing that you can do when faced with virus or any other similar piece of software is to panic. Surely, the presence of an unwanted application on your device might seem unnerving, but it is important to know that there’s a big difference between actual malicious viruses such as Ransomware and a mere Browser Hijacker. That is right, a Browser Hijacker is nothing like a real malicious virus and while virus might still prove to be incredibly annoying, as long as you are careful around it, it is very unlikely to pose any threat to your device.

Why you still need to have it removed as soon as possible

Thought generally not harmful, a Browser Hijackers is still an unwanted application. It is not only because it is incredibly annoying but also because it might carry out certain questionable tasks. For example, a software of that type might try to monitor your online activities and later on use the information to display intrusive online ads to you that have been specifically modified according to your personal preferences. Another possibility is that the Hijacker might present you with false warnings that urge you to download a certain piece of software in order to protect your device. Such messages are often a ruse made to simply trick you into further getting more unwanted software. There are a lot of other questionable traits to Browser Hijackers, but you’ve probably got the point by now – the sooner you remove the intrusive software, the better.

As a final…

After you get rid of virus, remember to ensure that your device stays clean in future. Often Browser Hijackers get to your smartphone after you download some shady free app from a questionable source. Therefore, avoid visiting any suspicious and obscure sites and download stuff only from the Google store or other reputable sources. Removal

Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.

You can find the removal guide here.


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