Discord Malware

This page aims to help you remove the Discord Malware. Our removal instructions work for every version of Windows.

The Spidey Bot Malware

The Discord Malware is believed to be a malware of the notorious Trojan Horse variety. A Trojan virus such as the Discord Malware could be a source of numerous security issues.

Spidey Bot Malware

The Spidey Bot Malware will steal the users personal data.

Trojans can be very damaging to your system, and they may even invade your personal space, and allow the hackers behind them to harass you through their virus. Because of this, it is highly important that you stay away from such malware (or any other malware for that matter). However, the hackers on the Internet have their ingenious ways of tricking their victim, and infecting more and more computers with Trojans Horses, and other nasty types of malware. In many cases, even the most vigilant of users are unable to spot the infection on time, and prevent it from infecting their computer. This is why it is also important to know how to fight a Trojan Horse, in case one such infection has already nested itself in your computer.

Since you are reading our article on Discord Malware, a newly released Trojan virus, we assume that this is the malware threat that’s currently messing with your system. If that is the case, we understand that you may be frustrated, and concerned about the safety of your computer. However, the very fact that you have spotted the Trojan is already some good news. Most infections like Discord Malware are extremely sneaky, and their victims typically do not find out about the ongoing infection for weeks, possibly even months. Since you are aware that Discord Malware is currently in your computer, this gives you a significant advantage – you have the opportunity to remove the malware and save your computer from it, and with the help of the guide you will see on this page, you would hopefully be able to do so.

Discord Spidey Bot

The Discord Malware is a dangerous malware known as a Trojan Horse. This type of malware is considered to be potentially very dangerous and the Discord Malware is certainly one to be removed as soon as possible.

A specific characteristic of many Trojan Horse programs is their versatile abilities. This means that a virus of this type may be used in different ways, tasked with the completion of different goals. In many cases, what those goals are remains a mystery for a very long time. In fact, you shouldn’t wait to learn what the purpose of the Trojan in your computer is – instead, you should make sure to rid your system of the malware ASAP, before there are any visible consequences of its attack.

Still, if you are curious to learn what a virus like Discord Malware may do in your system, here are several examples:

    • Trojans may try to turn your computer into an automated bot, part of a huge botnet of other infected machines, which are all collectively used to complete large-scale actions. Oftentimes those actions are the en masse distribution of spam letters, the carrying out of distributed denial of service attacks, or the mining of BitCoins and other cryptocurrencies.
    • Espionage is another common use for Trojans – through keylogging, screen-capture, and other similar methods, many Trojans are able to acquire sensitive, and personal information about their victims, which could later be used in all sorts of nefarious ways.
    • Trojans viruses like Discord Malware are also commonly used as tools of spreading Ransomware – once they infect a given computer, they silently download the Ransomware cryptovirus, allowing the later to complete its job in full stealth, without getting detected.


Name Discord Malware
Type Trojan
Detection Tool

Discord Malware Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.

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