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This page aims to help you remove Discord RAT. Our removal instructions work for every version of Windows.

The main theme of today’s article is a very common malware infection, namely the one caused by Discord RAT. This Trojan horse virus could get exploited for plenty of harmful purposes and indeed cause serious damage to your computer and to you individually. In the following passages we will be trying to explain all the characteristics of this kind of malware and to give you some helpful advice on how to cope with such an infection successfully and safely. Furthermore, you will be given some more tips about keeping your system in shape. We really hope that our text contains exactly the information you need to remove the contamination, and prevent your system from getting infected by such viruses from now on. Even though at the present moment in the cyber world there are really lots of various dangerous malware programs, the malicious family we are discussing here, the Trojans, and its representative Discord RAT, are the ones to blame for the largest ever number of malware-rendered infections that have ever occurred up to this point.

Why are these viruses called Trojans? How they function:

The name ‘Trojans’ comes from the story about the famous love-driven Trojan War. This malicious software type has gained this alias thanks to the usual way it functions. And it is relatively the same as what the first Trojan horse allegedly did. In the beginning of the contamination process, these viruses might appear harmless. However, after that they might end up damaging your PC to a great extent. Typically, such a virus stays hidden inside your device – before the exact time comes for it to complete whatever malicious task it has been programmed to.

Is the removal of Discord RAT likely?

Fortunately, we have designed a set with some elaborate instructions to help you remove this Trojan. Simply go to the bottom of this page and take a look at the Removal Guide there.

What are the possible usages of a virus such as Discord RAT?

Normally, such a virus is set to harm you and/or your computer in one way or another. One example is that the criminals who create such malicious software might make it delete files and/ or format your drives. In this case the victim user may lose important information and data. Another possible usage of Discord RAT might have is to keep track of all of the affected user’s personal details they tend to enter online. No credentials or accounts are ever safe in such a case. Therefore, you could end up broke or all your social media accounts may get hijacked, modified or exploited for illegal activities by the hackers. Another horrible thing that all the known Trojans could have been programmed to accomplish is to make use of your PC resources. Your computer may get transformed into a bot and all its system resources could be exploited by the cyber criminals for distributing spam and/or other types of malware. All of its potential usages are horrifying and, sincerely, one of the worst possible scenarios that might happen to you is to be a victim of some of these activities.

Likely sources of any typical Trojan:

Such malicious programs could have as many possible sources as their purposes could be. You might get acquainted with this virus personally provided that you aren’t careful enough when handling the emails you receive on a daily basis, for example. Any suspicious letter or any of its attachments (images and documents; as well as .exe files) might be spreading Trojans. Moreover, the fake advertisements every single site on the Internet might broadcast may redirect you to locations, full of malware, and you may get infected immediately. Other locations where you may come across Discord RAT are inside any illegal web platform, usually one that streams movies, videos, software or other data for free.

In order to prevent such infections in the future, our suggestion to you is to practice some habits when it comes to surfing the Internet. What we believe is the best is NOT to fully trust anything that comes from the web. It’s better to use really few software sources with good images than to download anything from not trustworthy ones. What’s more, it’s vital that you only load the messages from senders you know; and not to download any attachments if you don’t expect any. In addition, stay as far away as possible from all forms of suspicious torrents, videos, websites or software.


Name Discord RAT
Type Trojan
Detection Tool

Discord RAT Removal

Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.

You can find the removal guide here.


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