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Very important information about .docm Virus

 Trojan viruses have been around for a while and there are no indications that we’ll see them go away any time soon. The reason for that is they can be used for a very wide variety of cyber crimes and it is also very hard to detect such a virus. With each newer and more advanced Trojan Horse software dealing with them is getting more difficult. In fact almost 80% of all malware spread throughout the internet falls under the Trojan category. .docm Virus is also a Trojan virus – one of the newest out there.

 Listing the general characteristics of such a harmful program is not easy – the amount of different features and possible uses of Trojans is enormous. They can be used for everything, as long as it is harmful for your system and may bring profit to the virus’ developers. .docm Virus is no exception. Once inside your PC, it can remain hidden for unlimited amount of time. During this time, the virus may do all kinds of nasty stuff to your machine and you may still remain unaware of its presence.

 With Trojans it is very hard to come up with a general list of symptoms – in fact there are hardly ever any. It’s only once the virus starts executing its exact purpose, that you may see something odd, that may lead you to suspect a potential infection.

What does .docm Virus do?

 In order to make it clear for you just how important it is to keep your PC safe from .docm Virus and other Trojans, we will give you some basic idea of what these viruses are capable of.

  •  One of the most common dangers that .docm Virus poses to your PC is that it may outright destroy your files or even your whole system. Formating of hard-drives, corruption or deletion of files are all on the list. In fact your computer as a whole may become useless after a Trojan Horse infection. This is probably the most brutal use of those malicious programs. However, there are much more harmful ways a Trojan can be used. In fact, destruction of your PC is one of the less dangerous uses of .docm Virus .
  •  Another very feared feature of Trojans is that through them hackers are capable of stealing personal information from your PC and your online accounts. If you have stored valuable information in your system, a Trojan can gain access to it and then send it to the cyber criminal. Bank accounts, registration passwords etc. are obvious targets. Electronic money thefts are one of the main uses of those viruses. One important aspect of such thefts is that it’s almost impossible to track down the hacker. This is a big problem since it’s very hard to bring those cyber criminals to justice.
  •  A third possible use of .docm Virus is espionage. There are several ways for a Trojan to spy on people. One of the less dangerous ones is keystroke logging. This method is used to monitor and record your keyboard entries. This may enable the hacker to bust any of your passwords. Trojans can also give the cyber criminal the ability to see your computer’s screen. Probably the most shocking and dangerous espionage method is through your webcam. That’s right, a Trojan may even go as far as to enable other people to see through your camera, without your knowledge. While this may not bring any direct harm to you, it is undoubtedly a very serious attack on your privacy. Therefore, if you suspect that such a thing may be happening, you may want to turn off your PC and consult a professional before attempting to use it again.
  •  Another feature of .docm Virus is its ability to exploit your computer’s resources. This is generally a less harmful use of the malicious virus, but can still prove to be a considerable problem. In this case, your PC may become a part of a botnet – a network of computers infected by the virus. Each computer in that network is forced to send out spam messages or further spread the malicious software. Another possible way your machine may get exploited is by getting forced to “mine” cybercurrencies (bitcoins for example). These are later sent to the hacker, thus earing him revenue.
  •  Our final entry to the list of possible harm that .docm Virus may bring to your PC is that being infected by the malicious program may land you additional viruses. Trojans often serve as gateways to other harmful programs, for instance ransomware (see our ransomware articles).


 With all of this being said, it should be clear that protecting your PC should be a top priority. There are many ways to keep your system safe. Having a good anti-virus program, avoiding shady websites, being careful while checking your e-mails and many others. Just remember that it is always easier to avoid getting a Trojan virus than it is to have it removed.


Name .docm
Type Trojan
Detection Tool

Remove .docm Virus

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