Google gives Chrome on Android a wonderful download feature

Download Later

The web browser is about to get a download scheduling tool.

Download Later

Download Later is the newest feature for Chrome on Android

Download Later is an experimental feature for Google Chrome that provides the Android users with the option to schedule a download. This new feature basically allows for greater control over the files that you download through the popular web browser and makes the need for a dedicated download manager obsolete. Aside from letting you set a specific date and time to download a given file, Download Later saves your mobile bandwidth by allowing you to schedule a download when you are connected to a Wi-Fi. Of course, you can still download files directly, but the option to delay a download until you connect to a Wi-Fi link makes more sense for those with limited mobile data plans. It is convenient also because it saves you from the need to remember to start a download later (and probably end up forgetting about it) and lets you schedule the download to start automatically as soon as the Wi-Fi connection is available.

It is also very useful to be able to plan downloads for a specific date and time. This function lets you plan the download of a large file, for example, for a time when you are not using your phone or your internet connection for anything else or even set it to come in overnight and be ready immediately when you pick your phone the next morning. You can easily track your scheduled downloads and their progress through the new “Schedule for later” tap that is located on the Downloads page.

Chorme Download Later Feature Preview

The new feature of Chrome for Android looks already exciting and useful but is still in the Canary build of Chrome. That’s why, those who want to try it out will have to run this version. Canary build is, as Google calls it, the “unstable” version but its users will also have the chance to get a preview of this and any new features firsthandedly. So, if you don’t have the patience to wait for the official update, the Chrome’s Canary build is available for download from Google Play. You will only have to follow certain steps to enable the Download Later feature:

  • Start Chrome on your mobile and visit chrome://flags
  • Next, search for “Enable download later”
  • Then, from the drop-down menu select “Enabled”
  • Reboot Chrome and enjoy

After you do the above steps, the next time you try to download a file, you should have the option to choose between downloading immediately, download when Wi-Fi connectivity is available, or download on a particular date and time.


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