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DTTarget is an application for Mac browsers which a lot of web users report to be unwanted. DTTarget normally does not ask for approval to make changes to the browser’s homepage and/or search engine settings and starts an auto-redirect service as soon as it gets installed.


The DTTarget Malware targets Mac users.

Users who have DTTarget on their Safari, Chrome, Firefox or other mac-compatible web browser usually complain that this program tends to flood their screen with hard-to-remove pop-up notifications, banners and aggressive ads. In addition to that, DTTarget tends to automatically redirect their searches to random sites and sponsored web links without any notice. Thus, many of them seek to uninstall this intrusive application as soon as they detect it.

Luckily, programs like DTTarget, Search Marquis and Search Baron have not been developed to destroy your computer. They don’t possess the harmful abilities of Ransomware, Trojans other viruses that we describe on this site that’s why you should not be too worried about their presence in your system. However, keeping such software on your Mac may lead to significant web-browsing disturbance.

For example, DTTarget may substitute your favorite search engine or the homepage domain with new a one. This program can even add unwanted toolbars, redirect buttons and ad-generating components inside the main web browser. Such components may not only clutter the browser’s appearance and performance but also become potential weak spots that actual malware (trojans, ransomware, or other viruses) may exploit to enter the machine. Thus, the recommended course of action when you have a program like DTTarget in your system is to simply uninstall it and remove its related components as soon as possible.

DTTarget for Mac

DTTarget for Mac is a potentially unwanted program that makes unauthorized changes to popular Mac browsers and injects different advertisements, redirect prompts and banners onto their screen. Experts classify DTTarget as a browser hijacker and recommend that users uninstall it to retake control of their web browsers.

A common activity for many browser hijackers is to monitor the history of your browsing. This helps the developers of these programs to gather details on your surfing patterns and preferences and to tailor them with money-generating ad campaigns. Virtually every browser hijacker program is compensated for the number of clicks and page views on the advertisements and the websites that it shows on the browser’s screen. That’s why, for as long as you keep it, you will constantly have to face hundreds of promotional notifications, links and click-prompt messages.

What is DTTarget?

DTTarget is a web page redirecting program designed to reroute traffic from popular Mac browsers to sponsored ads and web links. It is not likely that DTTarget will damage the Mac machine but it can lead to potential problems with your web surfing experience and online safety.

One of the main safety concerns that users face with such apps is the possibility of an automated redirection to unsafe internet addresses which could contain viruses, Trojans, ransomware, spyware and other harmful or illegal programs. Unfortunately, since users cannot control the auto-redirects of the browser hijacker, they are left with no other option but to remove it in order to stop the auto-rerouting service.

The DTTarget app

The DTTarget app is a potentially unwanted browser hijacking program designed to introduce consumers to various forms of online publications through auto-redirects. The DTTarget app might jeopardize your Mac security by making undesirable changes to your homepage or search engine settings and promoting sketchy content on your screen.

If you do not want your computer to be compromised with malware, Trojans or any harmful virus, we suggest that you uninstall DTTarget by using the following instructions. In case that you need more support, the qualified removal tool on this page will assist you to remove the unwanted software automatically without wasting any of your time.


Name DTTarget
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

DTTarget Removal from Mac

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