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This page aims to help you remove the Duba.com “virus”. These Duba.com “virus” removal instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as every version of Windows. The Duma.com redirect is not in fact a virus, but many people insist on searching for it as Duba.com “virus.” Actually, this threat is a legitimate promotional tool that is not legally a crime. It is improper to call it a “Duma.com virus.”

How do you react when you hear the word “computer virus”? If you are like most people — not too much tech-savvy and simply using computers and other digital devices for daily life needs, such as emailing, social media, watching videos, etc. — then it probably doesn’t really mean to you. In fact, you probably ignore it and keep using your PC without performing safety scans or any type of verification to check and see if a computer malware has been installed on your device. But how do you react when you hear the statement, or see it pop-up on your desktop: “your computer has been infected with Duba.com!” You probably panic then, right? Well, it’s a normal reaction and because we know how stressful it might be when you discover a virus that’s actually causing damage to your device and files, we have gathered up the most useful information for you and have put it in the form of a removal guide that we have attached to this article.

Let’s give you few words about Duba.com…

Duba.com is a computer virus of the Adware type. It mostly spreads via advertisements, software bundles, free download platforms, other Adware programs, hidden extras in installers, promo software offers, required program updates, fake video player or codec messages, torrents, online hosting and storage sites. Of course, this is not a 100% all inclusive list, so it is safe to say that there are additional methods of distribution, but these are the most famous one.

Let’s talk a bit about some of them…

Duba.com likes hiding in e-mail attachments. In the computerized world we live in today almost everything is done online. There are rarely any paper versions of applications for employment, photograph prints, or any mailing out of documents between parties using regular postal mail. Everything is scanned and sent out in the most efficient way possible. Usually, this is done via e-mail. However, you should remember that everything that goes through your inbox or social media channel stays in the cloud space. Thus, it is easily accessible to hackers and anyone else who wants to do you harm or simply find information about you from 20 years ago, for instance. So, what you could do is: 1) always scan e-mail attachments, regardless of their sender, and verify their security; 2) be very careful what you post or send out in the cyber space. There are some professional Duba.com scanners that you could use, but a regular computer scan would also do as well.

Duba.com also likes to spread via phishing e-mails. These are fake e-mails that seem to be sent by someone you already know and have in your address book, but they end up being a total spam and a major virus spreader. Usually a phishing e-mail won’t have any content, or will have a flashing content, or a self-deleting one. It may be in your inbox at a given moment, but absolutely gone in the next one — untraceable!  Be aware of such e-mails and consult with the removal guide on how to uninstall Duba.com if it has come through a phishing e-mail.

Software bundling is another popular way for Duba.com spreading. If you have the habit to use the default saving and downloading settings when you download a file just STOP! Try getting used to the advanced settings where you have a richer selection of what to allow and what to prevent of coming to your device. This will put you in control of the programs loading up on your computer and you will be able to better recognize the files that you’ve downloaded. However, Duba.com is sneaky and likes to stick to the files you WANT to download. All of a sudden though, you will discover totally random and unwanted files and will wander where they came from — this is software bundling.  If this happens, follow the step-by-step guidance in the removal guide and remove Duba.com ASAP!


Name Duba.com
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Duba.com Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.


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