DudePages Malware


DudePages is a malware app categorized as a browser hijacker that leads to sudden page-redirects in the browser and to unwanted browser changes. If DudePages is in your computer, it’s best to uninstall it immediately because it may potentially lead to more serious problems.


The DudePages Malware will display pop up ads and messages,

The browser hijacker apps are not uncommon and since they are oftentimes not seen as harmful or malicious, they can be distributed in more ways than actual viruses such as Ransomware, Spyware, Worms, Trojans, and more.

Typically, apps like DudePages are added to the installation packages of other, more desirable programs. Once the user installs the main program from the package, the hijacker gets installed too, if the user hasn’t made sure to uncheck it from the custom setup settings.

The DudePages Malware

In and of itself, the DudePages Malware may slow-down your computer and potentially lead to browser crashes and/or freezes. This isn’t a particularly serious problem because, as soon as the unwanted app gets uninstalled, this would all go away in an instant. However, the real security problems may come from the ads and the site-redirects that could sometimes lead you to web addresses that are less than safe.

Upon installation, DudePages attaches itself to Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and other browsers and changes the homepage, the search engine , and the toolbar of the affected browser. This is done in order to ensure that the hijacker can use those elements of the browser to push its advertising campaign. The new homepage, for example, would typically be the frontpage of a site that the hijacker is supposed to promote. It might even be the frontpage of the official site of the hijacker (some such apps have official sites). The introduced new search engine may be used to show the users altered search results that contain more advertised sites and less relevant entries. It’s all about the generation of advertising income, and the hijacker apps are some of the most effective software tools for that. Of course, it all comes at a price. In this case, the price is the end-user’s browsing experience and online security. A hijacker may cause problems in both of those aspects. It is more then obvious how DudePages or another similar app could make one’s online experience unpleasant and highly frustrating but what many people don’t realize is that this app may also lead to certain security problems that shouldn’t be ignored.

Dude Pages keeps popping up?

Dude Pages can be very irritating by displaying pop up ads and messages and that is why it is classified as a browser hijacker. Until it is removed Dude Pages will continue to annoy any user it has infected with the advertisements it will show.

There are all kinds of sketchy and obscure sites throughout the Internet, many of which are used for spreading Trojans, Ransomware, Worms, and other threats or for tricking the users into providing personal or professional details about themselves. Unfortunately, it is possible that some such sites could get promoted by hijacker apps like DudePages meaning that you may eventually get your machine and privacy exposed to such dangers if you don’t uninstall the unwanted software. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you take the matters into your own hands and see to the hijacker’s removal at once. This will help you make your computer safer and keep hazards such as Trojans, phishing sites, Ransomware, Worms, and more away from it.


Name DudePages
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Remove DudePages Pop up Malware

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You can find the removal guide here.


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  • I have tried everything can’t get rid of this. I think it has somehow attached itself to my google account I reset my pc and it comes back in a few days it is also on both of my computers

    • Hi Arron Hefley, did you run a malware scan? If this is a browser hijacker, it may get picked up by an SpyHunter antivirus. If nothing is found, assume you either have a rate and reinstall or say it’s a malicious advertisement on the side of the webpage, and block all ads with an adblocker.

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