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Easy Dial Search invaded my screen! What is happening?

Sometimes while you browse, you may come across pieces of free software that promise to give you a new browsing experience, save your time and display the best online deals at your convenience. Easy Dial Search is exactly such a piece of software that falls into the category of adware. It operates by generating ads, banners and pop-up messages on your screen while you browse. Tough this may seem like a useful tool to install, usually this adware doesn’t really deliver the promised benefits of smooth browsing experience – quite the opposite. Here you will learn what is Easy Dial Search and how it may affect your system.

This is a program identical to other adware programs such as SmartShop, Triangle Trail and Money Viking, which aims to display various ads related to your browsing history and online search. To do that, it may impose some changes in your browser. For example, it may track your online activity, change your browser home page, install a browser toolbar or redirect your search to other websites.

It is also very common that the Easy Dial Search activity may be quite invasive when displaying ads on your screen. Due to this harsh behavior, it is often mistaken by the users as a virus, but this is not correct. This is a potentially unwanted program (PUP). Unlike viruses, PUPs are not causing malicious actions. However, there are some things you need to know about their functionality.

Here is what you need to be aware of:

Instead of enjoying a good functionality, users often have to experience ads interruptions on their screen that significantly lower the quality of their web browsing. It doesn’t really make a difference if you are using Chrome, Firefox or other browsers. Easy Dial Search easily can get installed in all of them and keep perstering you with advertisements. Clicking the ads is the main purpose for the developers, who generate income through the Pay Per Click (PPC) promoting model. It is also good to know that this adware may gather personally identifiable data, which is later sold to third parties that also display targeted ads.

What is the risk?

Once the browser extension of Easy Dial Search is installed, it will start to display banners, pop-up commercials, in-text ads and links that may lead you to unsecured locations. Pop up messages may advise you to install some sketchy content like web browser toolbars, system updates, optimization utilities and other stuff. The risk here is that users may be redirected to dangerous websites, where clicking them may cause further adware screen invasions. You should always be very attentive when you are clicking unknown links.

What personal data Easy Dial Search collects?

Researchers reveal that it may collect various browsing-related data such as IP addresses, website URLs visited, unique identifier numbers, search queries, pages viewed etc. This data might appear to be insignificant, but in any case, it will contain personally identifiable information that may be offered to third parties. That’s why it is a good idea to remove this application from your system as quick as possible.

Can it cause serious issues?

Generally, the issues of the Easy Dial Search activities are related to lowering browsing experience, as noisy ads and banners appear on the users screen. Some web pages may redirect the users to unknown or undesired locations. Mobile data usage will be increased, when ads are loaded on the user’s device. If you uninstall Easy Dial Search this may save you a few more MB of data.

How Easy Dial Search appeared on your PC?

It often happens that users install this application without knowing it, since they don’t pay enough attention when downloading and installing software. Usually, Easy Dial Search is an adware program that is placed in the package of other free software that users download from the web. You are more likely to see it packed inside of the installers from Cnet, Softonic or other similar third-party software distributors. By not checking carefully their EULA, users often install adware unintentionally, in this manner compromising their privacy and exposing their systems to the risk of ads invasion or other undesired actions.

How to keep the PUPs away?

We advise you to be very careful when downloading and installing software from the web, since a software installer may often include hidden adware. To avoid potentially unwanted programs getting on your PC, use the “custom” options during the installation process. Uncheck and remove anything that you don’t recognize, such as optional software you never intended to install. If you happen to come across a pop-up or website claiming you have won a prize, pay extra attention and avoid giving your sensitive details. Being careless on the web may lead to very unpleasant consequences such as identity thefts and other tricky schemes and practices.

If after reading this you decided that this is something you don’t want on your system, then follow the guide below to safely remove it.



Name Easy Dial Search
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Easy Dial Search Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.


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