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This page aims to help you remove Easy Shopper “Virus”. These Easy Shopper “Virus” removal instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Safari, as well as every version of Windows and Mac.

If you’ve been disturbed by Easy Shopper, then you have probably experienced a never ending circus of ads and pop ups messages, banners, and in-5text boxes appearing on your screen. No matter how many times you tried to make them go away and close them, they would simply pop up back again and again, disturbing your browsing to the end. Indeed, this could be a very annoying behavior, even for someone with strong nerves.

Many users nowadays are exposed to this advertising disturbance and are trying to uninstall these applications from their Chrome, Firefox or other favorite browsers they use. Such programs are known as adware and could be quite tricky to remove unless you know what exactly you are looking for. If you are not an IT expert, there is no need to tear your hair out in frustration. In the guide below our security experts have given you a proven solution to remove this annoying program. But before you do that, let’s tell you a few more words about Easy Shopper and what it can do.

A little more about Easy Shopper “Virus”

In the lines above, we called this program an adware. Now, if you don’t know what adware is, here is the moment to tell you that this is not a virus. Even tough, judging by its invasive behavior, many users may wrongly refer to it as a virus, this is not quite true. It has nothing to do with malicious programs, nor is developed to perform harmful actions to your system. In general, adware comes in short form advertising supported software. As you may guess from the name, at its core, this is a software program that has been developed to display or download adverts on your screen when you are browsing the internet. In your case, you receive ads by Easy Shopper, which is a legal program, developed for this purpose.

Can adware collect and transmit data?

Sometimes, adware is more than just annoying. Some of the activities adware programs are related to may affect the overall user online experience. For example, in order to display relevant ads, adware may track the browsing history and online activities of the user, this way collecting data, which is sent to the adware developers. They may use this data to prepare reports, helping them analyze what targeted ads to show you. However, just the idea that there is a program that is tracking you remotely, monitoring your PC usage, tracking which websites you are visiting, checking out the products or services and the pages that you look at, may be referred to as concerning. Some users consider collecting this type of information as a privacy issue, especially when their data is transmitted by such adware applications and exposed to unknown third parties. But why would anyone need to know which websites you are visiting? Isn’t this info pretty boring?

There is a lot of money in adware.

It may really surprise you, but collecting browser related data from the users, as innocent as it may seem, is a real golden mine for the adware developers. Just by knowing where you browse and what you are doing online, developers can make a nice income. This happens through the Pay Per Click method, where every click on sponsored ads by you or other users turns into big bucks for the people who created Easy Shopper adware. And this is because when the developers know which products you are interested in, they are able to customize the Easy Shopper adverts, that you see, and match them with your interests.

Is it worth the disturbance you endure?

While there is nothing wrong in earning money from targeted online advertising, you may agree that it should not happen on the back of the users’ disturbance and privacy. Very often adware sneaks through your system without your notice and installs its extensions to your browser by making changes you may not like. For example, Easy Shopper may change your homepage, redirect your online searches, and of course bombard you with endless ads, banners, and hot offer messages no matter you want them or not.

If you wonder how you got Easy Shopper in your PC, it is good to know that usually such adware is bundled inside other free software installations, torrents, and ads. If you’ve installed some other software recently, you have probably skipped the “Advanced” option in the installation wizard and overlooked the adware, which got installed alongside. To prevent this, we would advise you to always install software through the “Advanced” option, because there you will find the full list of software and potentially unwanted applications bundled inside. Of course, there is no need to tell you that it is always good to pay attention when interacting with online content and avoid unknown and suspicious links, ads and locations for your own safety.  In case you want to stop Easy Shopper from targeting you, please follow the removal guide below and let us know how it helped you.



Name Easy Shopper
Type Adware
Detection Tool

Easy Shopper Removal

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