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Enter Discovery

Enter Discovery is a new browser hijacker variant capable of silently getting installed inside the main browsers of Mac computers. Once Enter Discovery attaches itself to the browser, it begins to swarm its tabs with different page-redirecting ads that may endanger the system’s safety.

Enter Discovery

Enter Discovery on Mac

The hijacker itself is not a harmful program as its goal isn’t to damage the computer. However, its ads may be linked to all kinds of unsafe and unreliable sites, many of which may be used as Trojan horse and Ransomware-distributing platforms. Therefore, if you have this unwanted software attached to your Safari, Chrome, Firefox,or any other browser you may have, it is best to make sure it is uninstalled right away.

Enter Discovery for Mac

Enter Discovery for Mac is an unwelcome app that hijacks the search engine and the homepage of the main browser on the computer. Enter Discovery for Mac then forces the browser to expose the user to promoted sites and different pop-up adverts and banners.

The people behind Enter Discovery earn money through these ads, banners, and page redirects on the basis of the Pay-Per-Click and Pay-Per-View remuneration methods. Albeit these methods are legal, the way they are used is oftentimes sketchy and overly aggressive. For starters, the sites and products that are advertised via Pay-Per-Click ads and Pay-Per-View page redirects tend to be with a low reputation and have questionable content. That is why it is essential to avoid such advertising techniques. However, since the hijacker won’t allow you to disable the display of ads in your browser, the only other solution you could go for is the deletion of the unwanted app.

What is Enter Discovery?

Enter Discovery is a browser-hijacking piece of software that attacks the settings of Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and other browsers that are compatible with macOS. Enter Discovery seeks to insert invasive advertisements that earn Pay-Per-Click revenue inside the browser and it also tends to cause sudden site redirects.

As we already pointed out in the previous paragraph, having this app on your computer could potentially lead to the system’s exposure to unsafe and unreliable online locations and content. Although this doesn’t happen too often, it is even possible to get your browser rerouted to some website that contains harmful viruses, such as Trojan horses, spyware, and even file-encrypting Ransomware viruses. The removal and full uninstallation of Enter Discovery really is the only safe solution that will minimize the chances of getting your computer exposed to harm.

The EnterDiscovery app

The EnterDiscovery app is an unwelcome browser add-on that displays malware characteristics due to its aggressive advertising behavior. The EnterDiscovery app itself is not harmful, but the changes it introduces to the browser and the frequent display of ads may put your Mac in danger.

Hopefully, with the help of our removal guide for Enter Discovery that you will find right below, you should have no trouble getting rid of this undesirable app and making your computer safe again. In case you need extra help, you can try using the specialized removal software recommended in the guide and you can also contact us in the comments if you have any questions. 


Name Enter Discovery
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Remove Enter Discovery from Mac

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