Error 05 Canon MP250 Printers Fix

Error 05 on Canon MP250 Pixma Printers Fix

Error messages, such as E04, E05, E14 and E15, are commonplace for Cannon MP250 Pixma printers. You turn your Cannon MP250 printer and attempt to print something, but an error message pops-up. It usually reads something along the lines of “The FINE cartridge cannot be recognized”. This happens when your Canon is unable to recognize one or more cartridges. It is also possible, that the messages are being displayed due to the use of a refilled ink cartridges, that do not have the Canon “FINE” branding. Other possible reasons include not using the printer for a long time, improperly installing the cartridge and more.

So what do you do?

Some people suggest simply restarting your printing device. Indeed, in some cases this will help solve the problem, but in most cases you won’t be able to fix this error by a simple restart. However, there’s no need to worry, since the problem is probably caused by stains or dust over the contacts on the front of the ink cartridge, so the cartridge cannot be recognized by the printer. Fixing this is quite easy, you just need to go through the following steps:

1. Firstly, you will need to remove the cartridge in question from the printer. If you are not sure which one is causing the problem, remove all of them.

2. Next, you will have to switch your printer off. Use the buttons on the printer itself. Do not unplug the printer from the power supply!

3. Now, just in case, check the label of the cartridge, so as to be sure that the correct cartridge has been installed for your Canon printer. If there is a mismatch find how that happened and where is the original cartridge.

4. Having taken the cartridge out, find some kind of clear soft tissue and use it to clean any dust and/or stains from the contact points

  • IMPORTANT – do not use fibrous tissues –  some of their fibers may remain on the contacts, thus further preventing the device from recognizing the cartridge. Other then that simply make sure, that nothing remains on the contacts – dust, dirt, human sweat etc. They need to be perfectly clean for best performance of your Canon.

5. Now, that you have cleaned the cartridge contacts, turn the printer back on and after that put back in the ink cartridge. Make sure that you’ve returned the different color cartridges (if you took out more then one) to their respective places.

Did it work?

If the problem really came form any stains or dust over the contacts, following these steps should have been enough to fix the recurring error. There are, however, other possible reasons for these messages to be displayed, so you may not have been able to fix. If “The FINE cartridge cannot be recognized” message keeps popping-up, even after you’ve cleaned the cartridge’s contacts, there’s high chance, that the cartridge itself has been damaged or was defective in the first place. In this case, there’s nothing much that can be done, apart from simply buying a new one. Should you buy a new cartridge, it is advisable to get it from another party or at least another batch, in order to avoid landing another defective or damaged one. But before you consider buying a new cartridge, make sure that you’ve also cleaned the corresponding contacts of the printer itself, since stains and/or dust on them (transferred by the cartridge itself) may also be the reason for the device failing to recognize the cartridge. The procedure is basically the same – once you take out the ink cartridges you will be able to access the contacts inside the printer and clean them.

  • If you decide to clean the contacts please unplug the device from its socket!

Keep in mind, that on some models the contacts may be pointed, so be careful not to leave any pieces of tissue on them. If this doesn’t help, then the problem may indeed be in the cartridge itself and you will be left with no other option, but to get a new one. This method should work for most Canon Pixma printers, where the issue has to do with stains or dust on the contacts between the cartridge and the printer.

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  • hi I am from south Africa and I have followed all of your instructions and still my printer still display an error code 05, what else must I do.

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