ERROR 1962 Lenovo – No Operating System Found Fix

A common flaw has been reported with increasing frequency from Lenovo computer owners. Users are faced with Error 1962, which says that no operating system was found. If this has been the case for you, you most likely saw the error message right after re-booting your computer. The error was not found to be connected with any software installation that you might have initiated prior to switching your machine off and then on again (even though this has been suggested fairly often by users online), so don’t rush to blame any program that you possibly downloaded. In some cases, users have been able to get past the message and resume using their computer as usual, but this would only last somewhere from an hour up to a few days, before locking up again and displaying the above error.

In some cases, the HDD cable is to blame and many have found that changing it or simply plugging it into a different SATA connection (if available) has resolved this issue. In other cases, however, a little more complex steps were necessary and we’ve summarized them in the following steps. Not to worry, though, we’ve broken it down for you and the instructions below are fairly easy to follow, so they shouldn’t be confusing. Please keep in mind one very important thing, before moving on to the guide.

  • This guide involves tampering with your computer’s BIOS (basic input/output system), which – if not done properly – can potentially result in some  serious consequences for your PC. For this reason we’d like to stress that you should be very, very careful when performing the following steps and you should take extra good care to do exactly as it says in them, in order to avoid causing damage to your computer. Do not touch or change any other settings – especially those responsible for your CPU/RAM!

ERROR 1962 Lenovo – No Operating System Found Fix

  1. First of all, when you have been faced with Error 1962: No Operating System Found, press and hold the key combination of Ctrl + Alt + Delete. This will reboot your system.
  2. In order to enter the BIOS setup, press the F12 several times in a row.
  3. A little box will appear on your screen and you will see the word Setup written in it. Hit Enter.
  4. At the top of the screen select the Startup tab.
  5. After this, go ahead and select CSM and hit Now select the Enabled option.
  6. Go down a little and locate Boot Priority, after which hit Enter. Now change the current option of Legacy First to UEFI First.
  7. Finally, press the F10 key and choose YES. With this you will have completed the steps to resolving ERROR 1962: No Operating System Found and should no longer be present, when you switch your computer on.

Once you’ve finished with the last step, your computer will reboot and load as usual, hopefully without displaying the above error message.

Please let us know in the comment section below if this fix was useful to you and if it helped solve the problem!



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  • I’m pretty sure that the BIOS settings are dependant on what OS you have installed. I have to use legacy-first for older OS.

    • We are delighted to hear that! Do not hesitate to contact us again if you run into any similar issue.

        • Got in the first time following the “fix” instructions above. However with a new boot-up, the same message appeared (error 1962), only in smaller letters/center screen. When I repeated the “fix”, then press F10 (exit & save) it usually starts again from there. Or, using the control/alt/delete method. Boot-up is very slow though, and hesitates for a long time at intervals while utilizing my PC. All worked fine (excellent in fact) until the morning of Sunday, 3/31/19, when I went to turn on PC. No previous warnings.

    • While these were the best and easiest trouble shooting instructions ive seen, unfortunately they didn’t work for me.

  • Can you send us a picture/screenshot of what you see when you open the Startup tab?

  • yes it work for me Thank you so much our desktop been down for a couple of months and i just decided to sit down again and give it another shot with different instructions and it work

    • We are happy to hear that! Do not forget to contact us in the event that you encounter some similar issue again.

      • Good luck with THAT! They don’t even have the function for remote control. IBM/Lenovo are horrible and my retailer has dropped them from where I bought the “thing”. Lenovo Customer Service is as good as some Airlines. Actually worse.

  • If you’re willing to loose all data on your computer, and you have another computer running windows 10 (it’s the only version I’ve tested) then using the Create media provided by Microsoft at . com/en-au/software-download/windows10ISO and follow the steps to create a recovery Disc or USB. The steps are relatively user friendly. It’s a step, but from my understanding the error is just a communication error between the Hard drive and somewhere in the motherboard, I think. So in theory there should be a way to make a USB or Disc Error detector or something along those lines.

    If If there are any errors in what I have said or setting up your computer then please reply

  • Worked a treat. Had the new version of Ubuntu flashed and ready to blow away my media server. A final check on google came up with this page/solution. Am now back up and running. Thanks for the post.. .

  • I did ad you said but it popped up with a white box that says Windows Boot Manager boot failed
    When i select yes it still says error 1962 and doesnt set up

  • So, when you restarted, the screen was black as if it were disconnected? This sounds like it could be a hardware issue. Did you try with another HDD cable or simply plugging and unplugging the current one? The problem might be from the monitor or the connection between it and the computer.

    • thanks for the reply. The monitor is good before changing the bios setting. Do not think it is the cable issue. Any idea?

      • Do you have to another monitor? There’s little that could be done you have no access to anything. Alternatively, you can try pressing CTRL+ALt+DELETE once you turn on your PC and see if anything shows up or you could also try booting from a bootable Windows disk/USB drive if you have one.

        • My BIOS gets screwed up every time I change the setting to UEFI. I have to “Jumper Reset” the BIOS in order for the BIOS to even load again. I’m no fool, it’s not the monitor, and the drive works in another computer. Changed cables as well as tried 4 different SATA connectors on the MOBO. Changed boot priority according to hardware changes due to trying different SATA connectors, so the boot order is always correct.

          We can rule out:
          1. Monitor
          2. Hardware (Cable & SSD) because the drive works on a different computer.
          3. OS Issue
          4: Wrong Boot Priority

          What can this be? I build my own comps, this is a buddy’s computer. I have never seen anything like it.

          Any Suggestions? Changing BIOS settings to UEFI is not a possibility since I’m forced to “Jumper Reset” the BIOS afterwards just to get the BIOS functional again.

          Windows 10 (32bit) Home Vers. (Up to date as of March 18th, 2018)
          Sata SSD

          • If nothing has worked so far, we will look into it and we will get back to you if we come up with an alternative solution.

  • Thanks, cloned HHD to SSD; got error message; tried many suggested solutions with no satisfaction; tried this one and problem solved immediately!

  • I have tried it and it worked, but now my pc is frozen after restarting at the Lenovo screen… please help!

  • It did not work for me either…. Now it won’t even turn on. It is stuck with a power-saving mode on monitor and no response to anything.

  • Hi, we are now experiencing this problem (not good with a print deadline in a few days’ time). Tried the steps, followed them exactly but no joy, still says error 1962. Please can you advise are best next step? Thanking you in advance.

  • I thought it failed at first due to the screen only showing a blinking underscore text-curser, but after turning my computer off and on again, it booted up normally. Phew, that was a relief.

  • Didn’t Work for me either. Bios sees all of my hard drives so I know it’s not the cable. I used a friend’s computer to create a Recovery USB and I was able to get past that error screen. It’s really irritating that you cannot download the recovery program from Microsoft. I have tried refreshing the PC and it did not complete. I tried going back to a previous restore point and that didn’t work either. It keeps getting errors. I ran check disk to look for bad sectors and it came up clean. Running refresh a second time didn’t work. I’m running out of options. I have spare hard drives that I can plug into the computer and through the Dos command can copy all my files off of the C drive but I really do not want to rewrite windows. I have so many programs and it would take me a week to get it back to where it was. Are there any other options?

  • Itry the step for the error 1962 :No Operating system found and it did not work I still the same problem

  • Worked for me – thank you so very much. Called Lenovo and they wanted to walk me through reinstalling my Windows operating system back to factory settings which will mean I lose everything and about 30 to 60 minutes to complete.

    So happy I came across your website. I got a little confused about the F12 – but I did it both ways – by itself and together with the Ctrl Alt Delete and after a few seconds that screen popped up. My heart jumped. So grateful I did not have to lose anything on my computer.

    • Wow. How much did that cost if out of warranty? I will try and thanks for that heads up Teresa. I gave up on Lenovo Canadian Support which is actually in Atlanta and don’t have the time to help. I’ve been dealing with this for 6 months. Thank God for a neighbour lending be a trustworthy Gateway.

  • Yes this worked for me,
    I had plugged in a different HDD for a new win10 install. When I put the original SSD the error came up?!

    • I do not have a “CMS” option on the Startup screen (step 5 of the fix). It says “Primary Boot Sequence” followed by “Quick Boot [enabled]”, “Rapid Boot [disabled]”, “Boot-up Num-Lock Status [on]” and “Keyboardless Operation [enabled]”. No “CMS” anywhere. Suggestions?

  • Made the suggested changes above on my Lenovo H520.
    After a long time of Scanning and Repair drive, the PC did boot up and worked for half a day, but then failed again with the Error 1962.
    Any suggestions going forward?

  • I got an error 1962 on my computer, following the instructions to remove the messages, it doesn’t work.
    After I tried couple times, the word Lenovo is flashing and nothing has happened. My computer is still not working.

  • Worked Great on my Windows 10 Lenovo M93Z Machine, I did a bios update and when it rebooted it gave me that NO OS ERROR, did what you said above and it worked great. Only difference, my bios key is (F1) not (F12) Thanks your the best

  • Hi i did not work for me either Came back error code 0xc0000185 Perhaps its time to get rid of computer Naturally 2 months out of warranty

  • This worked for me, but I had to do it twice. Also, there wasn’t a “now” so I hit enter, that worked.

    Thank you so much as this is a work computer and I am not a geek! LOL

  • We have tried these steps multiple times and still are getting the same message. Now, we have a green screen with the error 1962 message.

  • Ok I did what you ask d and I tried the first few items you mentioned . The one that worked was setting the cmos to UFEI enabled and that worked.. just a FYI the reason I reset the cmos battery was the screen was giving me a no input error and someone on you tube said to remove th cmos battery. It worked great except I get a error 1962 saying there was no operating system so I did the F2 I believe and I got to the car most the range and the last row that has the settings and then you can change it to default UFEI Enable and save your settings and I restarted the computer and it worked like a charm thank you for a little bit information I got to where I am now

  • Tried BIOS config change, no change. Swapped cable, no change, swapped hard drive so I know I have a bad hard drive. Error was accompanied with a beeping sound, beeped about 10 times and then quit.

    Do I have any hope of recovering my hard drive at this point? Thanks..

  • I tried it but the system is black now and is reading the Client Mac Addr: and like a small icon turning and then it goes back to error 1962

  • No CMS option but fixed with a BIOS change as follows:

    From the BIOS Startup menu, change Quick Boot from Disabled to Enabled.

    I hope this helps others.

    Note, if there is no CMS option then it is likely the Help Message against Boot Mode will say:
    “Select Boot Mode to choose boot policy: Boot from Legacy Boot Devices and/or UEFI Boot Options”
    As I had “Auto” selected, it was booting UEFI first anyway so there was no change to make there.

    Screenshot emailed.

  • Error Code 1962 began showing Sunday morning, 3/31/19. Have a Lenovo C440 AOI desktop, originally with Windows 8, upgraded to Windows 10. A couple suggestions above work to boot up (F1, F12, & control/alt/delete). However, every time the computer is shutdown, the next time a start-up is attempted, it’s necessary to go thru the same process again to boot up. Been leaving it in sleep mode, with power on. Wondering why the sudden appearance of the black screen, with no apparent other warning(s). And, most importantly a fix that will “hold”.

  • Hello,
    I tried these steps and now when I try to boot up my computer nothing happens at all, just a black screen, nothing I do changes it.

  • I did this, it was originally on UEFI so I set it to Legacy … it did the same error 1962, but now says something like exiting PXE ROM

  • This fix worked for about a week, then I get the error message again and have to go through the steps again.
    At Step 6, it says: Go down a little and locate Boot Priority, after which hit Enter. Now change the current option of Legacy First to UEFI First. I don’t have the option of UEFI First, but rather I have to select UEFI only. Otherwise, I can input all of those changes and accept them. But it’s only lasting about a week and then the error comes up again.

    Do you have a more permanent fix?


  • Hello,

    I, like many others, have tried, and it did not work.

    I have done every step you displayed and after Saving and Exit to reboot, my desktop gets stuck at the boot screen and then error code 1962 reappears.

    Tried 5 times already.

  • HELP! My computer got this error after we had a power outage when I was using my computer. I tried changing to CSM, but it still wouldn’t boot. I tried plugging in my SSD from my laptop to see if I could run a diagnostic tool or something when it just started up fine. What do I do now? I am afraid to turn off my computer because it might not start again, or unplug my laptop SSD.

    Please Advise!

  • So I did all the steps and it still says the same thing but now it flashes a screen real quick that says media test failure:check cable as well as a bunch of other still but no other errors. I was able to get a picture of it though.

  • I followed the steps and it didn’t work, error code still pops up. Sometimes the computer won’t show the code and work like normal then randomly shut off and show the code .. what do I do?

  • Hey after pressing CTRL-ALT-DELEATE and at least ten minutes had passed the Automatic Repair screen popped up. I then press F12 several time but nothing happened.;

  • I noticed that people are still asking for help after they’ve tried the suggestions and there is no reply. But if the suggestions work then the reply is happy to have helped. I am having this same problem and so far I see there is no permanent fix. If this is an ongoing problem with Lenovo computers then that is a brand I would no longer trust buying because this isn’t being fixed. Its just a bandaid for a big problem.

    • If the fix provided here doesn’t solve it for you, there’s not much else we can do to help you, there are many variables regarding this issue, which is why this method has helped some users, while others haven’t been able to fix the problem even after completing the guide. There may be other fixes out there, but if ours didn’t work for you, there isn’t much else that we can do to assist you.

  • Didn’t work for me …. puzzled why Lenovo doesn’t recall these defective
    Ideacentre that does not boot

  • This did not work at all for me. Besides the error 1962, it also says boot sequence will automatically reboot. We had a new cable company install new equipment and phone service, was working when he left. Went to use and had black screen. Never had one minute of a problem prior to this.

  • Nope didn’t work. I’ve been trying variations on this bios for 2 days. 🙁

    It goes to “diagnosing your PC” and then still can’t start.

    Any other suggestions.

    I’d just like to get it to work long enough to back up. Or tell me how to back it up from this condition.

  • I don’t get the 1962 error anymore. But after following these steps, I get a black screen with error message that says “NTLDR is missing. Press Crtl+Alt+del to restart”. When I restart, it comes back to this back screen. I’m not able to log into my PC because it brings me back to this black screen. Any insights?

  • As numerous other people have said, I can’t see a “CSM” under the startup tab, and I haven’t seen any response to that. Does no one have an answer to that?

  • Hi, I got this message this morning. I tried what it said and it did not work. I can’t seem to get to the bios at all. I am getting “Start PXE over IPV6” and then it switches to IPV4 and then it gives me the Error 1962 no operating system found. It circles around and starts the whole thing all over. Is there a way to get my files off this thing? I work online and I am missing all my work files. If the computer is a sunk I can deal with it, but I can’t deal with losing all my work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  • The CSM option is not available in my setup. However, I went forward and changed the Boot Priority to UEFI from Auto. Then F10. That didn’t work. So I followed the steps again changing the Boot Priority to Legacy. Then F10. That didn’t work. So I ran it a 3rd time using the Auto option again. Then F10. 3rd time was the charm. Along with the 1962 error code, it was also giving an error for the media cable? Not sure what that is about.

  • Hi, I’ve been doing these setup changes and it worked on and off – then has been stable for about three months, and now just got this message again this morning – so here we go again. Surely there’s a more secure / full time fix to this problem. Has anyone found something over the last few years of this happening to people – it’s now Oct 2019 – time to get this fixed.

  • I have followed the instructions of holding down control/alt/delete for extended periods or not and it goes back to the following message every time:

    Checking media presence
    media present
    Start PXE over IPv4

    I have also turned the computer off for an extended period, turned it back on only to get the above.

  • this is a power/data issue with the combined power data cable which is fragile and can be cut to leave
    the power portion left and replace with a new right angled sata cable a guy has made a video on youtube
    regarding this issue type error 1962 to find it

  • This happened to be after letting my nephew play on my computer. I have pressed F12 and when I go to startup it says;
    Primary Boot Sequence

    Quick Boot
    Rapid Boot
    Boot up Num-Lock Status
    Keyboardless Operation

    I’m not seeing CSM
    Please help

  • This did not work for my C540 All-in-one Desktop (bought in 2013 new). Control alt delete rebooted. f12 worked. setup entered. Start up shows my options The CSM was already enabled. Boot mode is Auto. Boot priority already had UEFI First selected. Quick Boot is enabled. Boot up Num-Lock Status is On. Hit f10 and yes! Goes right back to rebooting to Error 1962

  • I press ctrl alt and delete and my pc reboots but the screen stays back like its. It turned on can’t. Get passed step 1 on my Lenovo c40-30

    • Hello Rebecca, the main purpose of those first two steps from the guide are to help you enter the BIOS setup. Try to completely turn off your PC, after that push the power button to turn it on and start pressing F12 repeatedly until you encounter the BIOS setup screen and after that follow our guide.

  • worked for a lil while. then nothing after a couple more restarts. acpi bios error showing corrupt is the windows recovery software error i get when trying to boot windows with flash. ubuntu flash working good enough to use the internet and run the pc. basically the sata controller in the motherboard went completely dead. im going to remove the hdd and place it in external usb to boot into my windows 10 then try and update the bios from lenovo and see if its just corrupt. if that doesnt work im going to replace the c440 motherboard. $40- 80. ill keep yall updated as soon as i receive the external usb enclosure for the hdd.

  • I ordered a new hard drive for my computer Lenovo and it’s plugged in and I’m trying to start it up and it’s not working how can I get past this 1962 error

  • Didn’t work. I’ve tried everything and nothing works. But when pressing F12, I don’t have the message Setup, insted, I have this message: PCI BEV:IBAGE SLOT 00C8V 1381

  • I had this problem on an m92p I bought (in 2020) that had 2012 bios when I was trying to boot linux (pve). I booted into windows (as supplied), downloaded lenovo system-update and updated the bios there. CSM was then available. I exited (changing nothing) and booted straight into linux with no issue

  • This didn’t work for me. It’s a brand new hard drive and I’ve never had this issue before. Any suggestions?

  • Hello! Working at my desktop last evening I had that blue screen with message
    “Error 1962 No operating system found Press any key to reboot Sequences”
    Which I did, not knowing better… after that the computer came back as usual and
    I kept working for a little while before turning it off….
    In the morning when I turned it back on this morning it was on bios mode…
    After reading your article I tried to press F12 repeatedly , I tried to type in Set up…
    Since, I did not have the little square but only a line saying
    No operating system found but nothing happening except a new line saying “Missing operating system”
    I had all kind of issues with Windows & Microsoft 365 for over a month…
    Starting by the mouse cursor that got crazy on Excel doc than on every docs…
    After that I couldn’t open anymore any documents on my computer, they wouldn’t open…Than lately it is One Drive that start to act up doing anything but the good one… Taking document even If I said to leave them on my desktop (localy), taking the original instead of making a copy of it. Sometime it took me hours to retrieve it or access it, I found document that were completely (f… up)!!! sorry! about that!
    I had 3 session on remote with technician of Office 365 or Windows except for the last time with One Drive, those guys does not have the same privilege to be able to talk to you or assist you on remote etc… It is only by email. and of course I had a hard time to explain them that after putting the One Drive syncing on PAUSE and still having issues, I got tired of all that and turn it off!!!! But that thing didn’t care that much about that it keep taking document away of me, to specially the one I just created and If wanted to access it again that thing was telling me to sign in in order to access those documents I just created!!!????
    I am far away then a computer specialist but…|
    Am I wrong to think that something like One Drive should not do that kind of thing and there is something wrong somewhere!!???
    If you could help me, I would really appreciate….
    I really need that computer and is content, ( 2 years of work)….
    Anything, I could do or I lost everything…\
    thanks anyway!!!

  • Could you please detail the steps to solve error code 1962. I’m reading a thread that references them, but can’t find the message that has the actual procedure.
    Thank you

  • Worked for me as well with A Thinkstation P700.
    But…the system has problems detecting certain hdds and SSDs. Dunno know why

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