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Essential Panel

Essential Panel is a program that can typically add unnecessary or unwanted components to Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and every other Mac browser without being authorized to do so. Most commonly, Essential Panel can install a new search engine, change the new tab URL or replace the homepage address with a sponsored one.

Essential Panel

The Essential Panel Malware is on Mac

The users who have Essential Panel on their Mac normally don’t need special software to detect it because this program normally reveals its presence not only by making changes to the main web browser but also by spamming the screen with hundreds of pop-up ads, banners, text links, and similar advertisements that are hard to remove or close. This software is also the initiator of automatic page-redirects to pre-defined websites and can also add new toolbars and buttons in the browser’s toolbar section.

Unfortunately, most people find it hard to manage the browser modifications and to surf the web normally by using the newly imposed search engine, the new homepage address, and the other browser changes. That’s why they search for options to remove them or to uninstall the program that has imposed them. The removal guide on this page can be of great help to these people because it includes concrete removal steps and a professional removal tool for quick and effective uninstallation of Essential Panel.

Essential Panel for Mac

Essential Panel for Mac is a piece of software that a lot of web users fear from as much as they fear from malicious applications such as Ransomware and Trojans. The truth is, however, that Essential Panel for Mac is not a virus but a browser hijacker that is used to redirect user traffic to promotional pages.

It may be helpful for many of you to learn that a browser hijacker is not a program that can damage your computer, delete important data, spy you on or encrypt your files. Despite this relieving news, a browser hijacker is still a piece of software that is commonly seen as potentially unwanted and is uninstalled from the system without regret by many. The main reason is that such software is able to make numerous unauthorized modifications to the configurations of the main web browser and can redirect users to web materials that may not be trustworthy or appropriate.

For instance, Essential Panel can disrupt your web browsing activity aggressively by constantly covering your screen with pop-up ads, banners and notifications that ask you to click on them and once you do that, you land on completely unfamiliar pages.

What is Essential Panel?

Essential Panel is a browser hijacker that typically installs multiple components inside Mac’s default web browser to facilitate its aggressive ad-generation. Essential Panel usually fills the computer with pop-up advertisements, colorful banners and blinking reminders and redirects traffic to partner websites.

In its attempts to display larger volumes of advertisements than normal, Essential Panel is known to add supporting elements to the web browser. Usually, this can be a new search engine that generates supported search results, a new toolbar or a redirect button. A change in the browser’s homepage or the new tab page may also take place where a particular web page URL can be loaded as soon as the browser is opened.

The EssentialPanel app

The EssentialPanel app is a browser hijacking component that can integrate with Mac browsers and can auto-redirect traffic to pre-defined websites. A user may install the EssentialPanel app in the system if he runs a free software package or performs auto-updates without manually customizing their settings.

Fortunately, the browser hijacker family members are not malicious. Unlike some of the most common cyber threats, like Trojans and Ransomware, these programs have no malicious features to hurt Mac. What scares the users the most is that when they are faced with the browser changes, they can’t easily remove them or get rid of the persistent ads. This is why they get frustrated and compare browser hijackers with viruses. Thankfully, the instructions in the removal guide below will help you deal with the unwanted software in a fast and reliable manner.


Name Essential Panel
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Essential Panel Removal from Mac

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You can find the removal guide here.


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