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Extra Device

Extra Device is an unwanted site-advertising browser extension for Mac computers known for its aggressive pop-up banners and page-redirects. The purpose of Extra Device is to provide certain sites and the products they sell with as much exposure as possible, hence its intrusive advertising behavior.

Extra Device

The Extra Device Mac App

A lot of users who suddenly realize that their Mac’s main browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or another one) has gotten taken over by an app such as Extra Device panic because they fear that the computer has been infected by a serious virus program, the likes of Ransomware and Trojan Horses. However, although this unwanted browser extension may seem like a serious computer threat, it is mostly harmless to the computer on its own. Some of the changes it may make in the browser’s homepage, toolbar, or search engine might make it more difficult for you to browse the Internet and could potentially cause the browser to become unstable and/or sluggish. Still, none of the activities conducted by this browser-hijacking app have been reported to directly damage the system or any of the programs and data located in it.

Extra Device for Mac

Extra Device for Mac is a rogue add-on app for Safari and other Mac browsers that should be uninstalled due to its potentially unsafe ads. Extra Device for Mac is not aimed at harming the computer but its adverts may not always be linked to reliable sites.

This is, in fact, why, even though a browser hijacker app would typically not damage the computer it is installed on, it is still advisable to not allow such software to reside in your system for long. The issue is that most hijackers don’t discriminate between the different forms of content and websites that they promote as long as the promotion generates money for the hijacker’s creators. This, of course, means that some of the advertised sites may be less than safe and may even contain dangerous malware threats like phishing viruses, Trojans, Ransomware, and other insidious programs.

What is Extra Device?

Extra Device is a specialized advertising tool that seeks to aggressively promote certain sites and the products and services that they offer. Extra Device is known for taking control of Mac browsers, changing their settings, causing page-redirects, and even keeping tabs on the browsing history.

All of this allows the unwanted app to display adverts that have been specifically tailored to the personal preferences of each individual user. This, in turn, makes it more likely for the users to interact with the adverts and to get redirected to the sites that they promote. However, on many occasions, what is shown on the ad might not always correctly (or even loosely) resemble what is behind it once you click.

The ExtraDevice app

The ExtraDevice app is a browser-hijacking app for Mac that you shouldn’t keep on your computer or else you may get exposed to malware. The ExtraDevice app is known for putting different potentially unsafe ads and page-redirects on the user’s screens without permission.

If you are interested in learning about the best and easiest way of removing this app from your Mac computer, you should definitely check out the following Extra Device uninstallation guide. 


Name Extra Device
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Remove Extra Device Mac App

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