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The infections rendered by the malware versions famously known as Trojan horse viruses are incredibly dangerous and shady. These kinds of contamination are normally unnoticed and the victim finds out about them only after the virus has completed its mission. The kind of malware we will be discussing here is exactly a member of the RAT family – Fallchill Malware. Fallchill is a standard example of a Trojan horse virus. It is capable of entering your PC, and neither your informed consent, nor any form of your approval is needed. After that, Fallchill may have plenty of purposes but it tends to stay out of the spotlight before accomplishing its usually illegal and disturbing mission. That’s the basic reason why this malware category was given the name of the Greek wooden horse that tricked the Trojans into foolishly letting it in. Later on, when nobody was watching and nothing bad was really anticipated, this wooden weapon of war revealed its true face, and resulted in a catastrophe for the city of Troy. Similarly, the majority of infected users have no idea about the contamination before it is already too late and something really unpleasant has happened, which is hard to reverse.

How do Trojans get distributed?

Fallchill, like any other exemplary Trojan, can be distributed in a variety of possible ways. For example, it might come as a drive-by download from a malicious web location. It could also come mingled with a Ransomware program through a contagious electronic letter from your email or any of its attachments, such as .exe files, archives, images, and other documents. This virus could get around inside torrents or shareware. Sometimes it might be bundled in free software that can be accessed on the World Wide Web, normally for free. Obviously, there are countless opportunities for such malware to get spread easily and successfully.

What can such a virus be utilized for?

Different hackers may use Fallchill Malware in just as many different ways. In the passages below we have discussed the most common usages of all. We would like you to keep in mind that these may not be the only possibilities; there may be many other different ones. Nevertheless, the ones we will be talking about here are the most widespread options, which seem to be the exact cases in more than 75% of all the infections so far.

  • File corruption/ data destruction: this sort of malware could be exploited for the purpose of corrupting or destroying some of the files on your affected machine.
  • Distribution of Ransomware viruses: Fallchill might also be utilized in the process of spreading other forms of viruses such as Ransomware. In this case such a Trojan can easily find a possible way to sneak another virus inside and let it carry out its own harmful plan.
  • Crash of your entire system: this malware might be targeting your device as a whole and may be programmed to totally crash it. Strange as it sounds, often this irritating activity can entertain the hackers in some ways.
  • Usage of the contaminated device’s system resources: this virus could be programmed to turn your computer into a bot and let the hackers use it as a spam-spreading tool.
  • Even identity theft is possible: Fallchill may also function as a data thief. It may have been programmed to copy and transmit all your private info to its dishonest developers. In this way the hackers are going to get access to all your accounts and sensitive info, which may result in some form of physical abuse or even identity theft.

How you can remove such a contamination:

Fallchill could be fought via strictly following the steps inside our Removal Guide below. They are clear and effective and should be exactly what it takes to save your PC from the ongoing infection. In some cases, however, the extra assistance of an expert in the field might be needed. You can never know before you have tried the tips inside our Removal Guide.

How you might prevent your PC from catching Fallchill Malware in the future:

The cleverest thing you can do is to simply avoid all the possible sources of Trojans. You already know all about the incredibly bothering consequences coming from Fallchill Malware’s activities on your affected device, so you will want to spare yourself these nerves in the future.


Name Fallchill
Type RAT
Detection Tool

Fallchill Malware Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.


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