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If you’ve discovered a program called FBI Virus on your android smartphone or tablet, you might want to read through the following few paragraphs. FBI Virus is a browser hijacker and also the program responsible for the substitution of your browser’s homepage and default search engine with new ones, as well as for the presence of all the annoying ads on your screen. Below we will attempt to explain what this program is really doing on your PC and what risk it may represent for you and your device. And at the end of this article you will also find a detailed removal guide that will help you get rid of this hijacker and remove all its irritating ads.

What browser hijackers are really all about

Programs like FBI Virus exist for the sole purpose of distributing large quantities of online ads and through them generating a profit for their developers. Of course, the different vendors of the advertised products and services benefit from the whole process, as well. But what we really want to focus on is the way that the developers profit – from your interaction with the said ads.

With that in mind, it would make sense for programs like FBI Android Virus to try and be as aggressive as possible, but aside from that they also have a secret weapon. Hijackers like this one tend to look through your browsing history and extract certain data from it, like the websites you visit most often, for example. Other things they may pay attention to are your latest online search queries. Based on this information the hijacker can then optimize its flow of ads and tailor it to your preferences. That way it can maximize the number of times you will tap on those ads, because you will certainly be more likely to interact with something that interests you, as opposed to a random ad.

Like it or not, this practice is a privacy violation and is often what drives people to remove programs like FBI Virus. However, this is, unfortunately, not the only problem that comes with browser hijackers. Though it’s uncommon, but programs like these can expose you to different viruses and online threats like ransomware and spyware. For one, you may get infected by bumping into a compromised ad in the midst of all those popups and banners that are constantly bombarding you. Hackers often use online ads as a means of distributing their viruses, so this is certainly also a reason to have this hijacker removed and avoid other ones in the future.

FBI Virus Removal

Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.

You can find the removal guide here.

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