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Feed.chunkapp.com is an invasive software app specifically created to flood the tabs of your Mac browser with ads and to cause redirects in it. Feed.chunkapp.com is also known for altering some of the settings of the affected browsing program without first asking for approval.


The Feed.chunkapp.com Virus will display pop up ads and windows

Although apps like this one seem to be more common for Windows computers, in recent years there has been a significant increase in the number of applications such as Feed.chunkapp.com that can get installed inside a Mac computer. If you are among the users who have this particular piece of software in their Mac browser, then you most probably wish to learn how to uninstall this annoyance.

Some of the symptoms you may have already noticed are changes in browser elements such as the search engine, the toolbar buttons, or the homepage/new-tab page address. This could be seen in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser that you may be using in your Mac computer. Even though most modern browsers have features that protect them against unauthorized changes from rogue apps, the creators of software like Feed.chunkapp.com still seem to find ways to get to the users’ browsers.

Feed.chunkapp.com for Mac

Feed.chunkapp.com for Mac is a type of rogue software that is responsible for sudden page-redirects and unwanted browser changes in the browsers of many Mac users. Feed.chunkapp.com for Mac isn’t programmed to harm your system, but its redirects may land you on unsafe sites.

The advisable course of action when faced with an app like this one is to quickly find a way to remove it. Even though this isn’t a harmful virus intended to mess with your system, it is still inadvisable to keep such rogue apps in your computer. As we mentioned, the redirects that this software is known for triggering may sometimes land you on sites that have Ransomware, Trojans, or Spyware in them or on ones that contain phishing elements and seek to collect some sensitive information about you.

What is Feed.chunkapp.com?

Feed.chunkapp.com is unwanted software that aggressively seeks to advertise the sites of its partners inside the tabs of your browser. Experts categorize Feed.chunkapp.com as a browser hijacker and advise the users to uninstall it because it may otherwise compromise the system’s safety.

One of the main problems with the majority of browser hijackers is that uninstalling them can be a bit tricky. They are usually rather difficult to remove and most users need help getting rid of them. The good news is that you can find the needed help in the guide below this article.

The Feed.chunkapp.com app

The Feed.chunkapp.com app is a type of browser-targeting malware capable of giving your browser a new starting page and a new search engine. The new elements installed by the Feed.chunkapp.com app are usually designed to promote some ad-heavy sits by automatically redirecting you to them.


Name Feed.chunkapp.com
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Remove Feed.chunkapp.com Virus

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You can find the removal guide here.

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