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FinSpy is a malicious program that belongs to the ranks of Trojan horse viruses. Trojans like FinSpy are endlessly versatile and are capable of inflicting a wide range of damage on the infected machines.


The FinSpy Spyware detected by multiple antivirus programs on VirusTotal

If you have recently discovered this malicious threat on your Mac, then it’s vital that you have it removed as soon as possible. Below we have put together a detailed removal guide for this Trojan in particular. But be sure to follow the instructions exactly as they are described because dealing with Trojans can be tricky and they often mimic system files. Hence, deleting an actual system file may corrupt your system in ways that cannot be fixed.

With that in mind, in the below guide we have also linked a professional malware removal tool. If you feel unsure about removing FinSpy manually, then we would suggest leaving it to the removal software.

As for why you would want to remove this virus from your computer, most users are probably well aware of the terrifying reputation of Trojans in general. And in truth this malware category is the most numerous and therefore the most popular. The vast majority of malware attacks that occur over the internet are caused exactly by representatives of this category. Why? Because of their versatility and stealth.

The FinSpy Malware

Malware like FinSpy are notoriously sneaky and difficult to spot. They hardly trigger any noticeable symptoms that would raise suspicion among their victims.

On rare occasions their presence may result in various forms of system instability, such as BSoD crashes, sluggishness and unresponsiveness, etc. However, these symptoms are not unique to Trojans in particular – they can be caused by a whole range of different issues, many of which may not even be related to malware infections.

Furthermore, if you don’t have a functioning antivirus program or the one you have hasn’t been updated in a long time, it will pretty much be useless against new Trojans simply because its virus definitions haven’t been updated to include the latest threats.

So with all of the above in mind, it’s easy to see what a dangerous advantage Trojans like FinSpy, Shlayer, XCSSET may have in their ability to remain hidden over lengthy periods of time.

Now this brings us to their second advantage in the face of unsuspecting web users and even other malware types. Trojans can be programmed to accomplish an immense variety of different tasks. They can destroy data, corrupt it, steal information using a whole arsenal of different tactics, spy on you, etc.

FinSpy on Mac

Furthermore, Mac viruses like FinSpy can just as easily be set to exploit your system resources with the intention of mining cryptocurrencies for the hackers behind the infection, sending out spam or even distributing other malware. On that note, Trojans are very often used as backdoors for ransomware.

And that’s barely scratching the surface of the malicious capabilities of these malicious pieces of programming. Their means of distribution are also quite varied, too. They range from anything from infected spam messages to fake online ads, so be sure to be extra careful with any content you interact with online.


Name FinSpy
Type Trojan
Detection Tool

Remove FinSpy Malware

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