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This article is intended to help people remove the Android Firewall Service malware from their Android devices. If you are seeing the Android Firewall Service error on a regular bases, then your computer has already been infected. Please read the whole article – you need to have at least some basic understanding of how this malware works in order to successfully remove it. 
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Android Firewall Service – an overview

This malware is a brand new addition to the Android malware scene, but it has proven to be quite annoying and hard to remove. Many people report to have been infected while downloading an app called „Video Player BD”, but this is likely not the only app to carry the Android Firewall Service. As a general advice – be on your guard when installing unfamiliar apps and always read the comments and reviews for any complains about glaring problems.

What makes this malware so tricky to remove is the fact that is not listed in the apps section and stopping its processes often does very little – the malware will basically restart itself. Another reason why it is so successful is because it uses a form of self-screening protection that renders it invisible to many security apps. There is one easy way to circumvent that defense – you can Root your phone. This, however, has some downsides of its own and we will list them below.

What does it mean to Root my Android device?

The way that Android works is that it has several layers of user privileges. This means that by default you and any program you install are restricted from modifying (and deleting) system apps and files. This set up is arranged for your protection – it makes it impossible for you to accidentally damage the software of your Android device. Any programs you install are subjected to the same restrictions.

When you decide to Root your phone you are basically enabling yourself total access to everything – you can now do things that were previously forbidden to you, but that power also comes with the responsibility. There are certain apps that require Root access to function and you can now use those. Some are designed specifically to optimize your Android device – by removing things like Android Firewall Service, optimizing your battery life and more. Ultimately though, the responsibility to use your phone wise lies entirely on your shoulders. If you give Root access to the wrong app really bad things could happen.

Unfortunately, certain programs (like Android Firewall Service) can be so skillfully written, so that the only way to remove them for certain is to grant yourself Root access to your phone.

  • WARNING! One of our removal methods will require you to Root your phone. If you decide to Root your phone you need to be very careful which programs you entrust with Root privileges. if you give Root privileges to the wrong program it may cause irreparable damage, become utterly impossible to remove or even brick your device!

Android Firewall Service removal guide

There are three ways in which you can attempt to remove the Android Firewall Service malware. Read through each method and decide which one is the best for you. We

First method – no Root required

The first method is to simply restart your phone to factory defaults. It is definitely crude, but it will get the job done. The downside is that all files on the phones and all installed apps will be deleted. Refer to the website of your specific device manufacturer, which will have the information needed on how to perform this operation.

Second method – no Root required

This method is less complicated and less dangerous, because you will not be required to root your phone. At the same time, however, it may require more time, effort and possibly you may be forces to buy a security app. It is also not guaranteed to work for all devices.

First go to Settings > Apps and look for the following 3 services

Security Service and Firewall Service and Time Service

Try to stop, then disable them, then delete all data. Turn off your phone immediately after and reboot it.

If they don’t reactivate after some time you are OK. If they do reactivate you’ll need to download some security app to take care of them. You want to download an app that can recognize those services as a security threat. Firewall Service in particular appears to be carrying the Trojan script. We have had reports from people using two security apps – Lookout and 360 security, but there may be other security software capable of handling this malware. Again you are going to need Security Service, Firewall Service and Time Service stopped, disabled and data deleted. Hopefully, this will block the Firewall annoyance from appearing.

  • IMPORTANT! Even if you manage to prevent Android Firewall Service from appearing using this method the original files remain dormant on your computer. They will be benign at first, but there is no guarantee if there are any other nasty tricks attached to this malware. The only way to remove those files for good is to root your device – explained in our Third Method

Third Method – Root required

If you decide to root your phone it will be very easy to remove Android Firewall Service for your system. If your phone is already rooted using this method is recommended, otherwise consider against the risk of rooting your phone and possibly try the other method first.

We are not going to go into detail on how to Root your phone – there are already multiple articles and guides in existence that can help you do it. Our recommendation is to look up for the Kingo Android Root app, because it is really easy to use, works for nearly all known brands and devices, has a great tutorial and explanations and also can be used to remove the malware after it roots your device.

Another good option is the One Click Root program, it is also very easy to use and easily our second best pick.

Both apps come with detailed instructions on how to use them. Download and install them on a Windows device such as your laptop or PC, install them and connect the phone to the computer via a USB cable. Now you simply need to follow the instructions you see on the screen.

After you root your phone you will now be able to manually go to your App center (or use Kingo Android Root’s interface) and uninstall Security Service, Firewall Service and Time Service.

  • WARNING! You now have root privileges. Be extremely careful with programs that require you to enable them root privileges – always deny such requests until you are absolutely sure an app is safe to use.

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