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Froktiser is a piece of software, which can better be described as a potentially unwanted browser hijacker rather than as a virus. Now, browser hijackers are not some nasty sort of malware and, fortunately, they typically do not contain malicious scripts like threats such as Trojans or Ransomware have.

Has your browser’s homepage or search engine been replaced by some new and unfamiliar one?  Is your Safari, Chrome or Firefox now flooding your screen with annoying ads, pop-ups, and banners? Are you experiencing sudden redirects of your searches? Relax, this is not a virus infection! Most probably the reason for all these annoying changes is a browser hijacker. The page-redirects of this type are generally harmless, but they may cause a significant irritation and browsing disturbance because they may modify the users’ browsing settings and generate certain sponsored content.


Froktiser Browser Redirect

A typical example of such software is Froktiser. This program is a tool for online advertising, and as such, it may significantly increase the number of ads you see on your screen. It may also initiate spontaneous redirects to certain sponsored sites, offers or sales, which may eventually cause you irritation.  If you want to get rid of this activity and remove Froktiser, however, you may not be able to do it easily if you don’t have access to removal instructions. This browser hijacker likes to incorporate deep into the system and does might not have a standard uninstallation process. Still, you don’t have to endure endless ad-generation and browsing interference. Follow up the instructions in the Removal Guide below and you will be able to remove Froktiser in a safe and reliable manner.

Knowing where browser hijackers usually lurk will help you keep them away from your PC

Programs like Froktiser are often seen as potentially unwanted because of the tricky ways they can get installed on your system. Usually, you may find such pieces of software bundled inside the installers of other free and attractive programs. Many free audio or video players, games, software optimization tools and automatic installation managers may offer you to install “suggested” or “recommended” components, such as Froktiser, the moment you run the installation pack. If you are not careful and simply click “OK”, without customizing the setup process, you will surely end up with some sort of potentially unwanted program. To avoid that, we recommend you carefully read the EULA of every new software that you want to install on your PC and make use of options like “Advanced” or “Custom”. They provide detailed access to every piece of software, that the given setup may contain and an easy way to opt out of any component you may not want.

Is Froktiser harmful?

These page redirects can be very annoying. In fact, the security experts often put them in the category of potentially unwanted software, since they cannot really offer a particular usefulness to the users. Redirects like Froktiser, for example, may not be able to provide you with a helpful service in return for the browsing irritation they may cause. They may only make your browsing experience miserable by constantly redirecting you to sponsored ads, banners and pop-ups, which it assumes you may be interested in. To understand your preferences, actually, the browser hijackers may track your searches, latest web activities, shares, likes, location and bookmarks and use this information to target you more effectively. You may eventually get exposed to ads that match your actual searches, but in most of the cases, the developers of such software are the only ones who benefit from the constant ad-generating activity. They usually earn revenue from every click (via PPC or PPV remuneration models) and the more sponsored pop-ups you get exposed to, the bigger the profit for them.

This, however, is not the main reason why people consider browser hijackers as not so welcomed on their machines. Apart from the rather useless ad-generating activity, such programs may involve you in, they may eventually expose you to some real PC threats such as Ransomware, Trojans and other nasty viruses. This could happen indirectly, if you get redirected to some already compromised web page or other illegal web content. Unfortunately, among all the ads and redirects you may see, you may not be able to tell which could be used as potential malware transmitters and which are safe. That’s why, if you want to be on the safer side, it is best if you simply remove all the ad-generating activity by uninstalling the browser hijacker from your computer. You can do this manually or automatically, by using the instructions in the Removal Guide below or scanning the PC with the professional Froktiser removal tool posted on this page. Both of these methods are tested and trustworthy, so we suggest you pick the one you are more comfortable with and get rid of the browsing irritation once and for all.


Name Froktiser
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

How to Uninstall Froktiser “Virus”

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