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One type of malware, which is widely used by hackers for different harmful and criminal purposes, is the so-called Trojan horse. With its stealthy ways of distribution and infection, this malware is able to attack any computer, without any visible symptoms, and the destructive activities it can perform can be fatal for your system. A threat of this type has recently been reported by a number of infected users and its name is GatherNetworkInfo.vbs Virus. On this page, we are going to stop our attention on it, its symptoms and harmful capabilities as well as the possible methods to remove it from your system, in case that you have been compromised. In the guide below, you can also find detailed instructions with screen shots and all the steps that you need to take to effectively eliminate the Trojan from your computer. And you should better do so, because such malware can really have dreadful consequences for your system and your privacy.

How do you know that your system has been infected with a Trojan?

This is probably the most important question when it comes to threats of this malware category. Trojan horses are really tricky threats, which usually have no visible symptoms that could give them away. In most of the cases, they infect you silently and remain undetected by most security software, while hiding themselves deep inside your system. After all, it is not for nothing that they are named after the famous Trojan horse from the Greek mythology. Threats like GatherNetworkInfo.vbs Virus have the ability to camouflage themselves into seemingly harmless files, or web content and can easily trick the users into clicking on them, without having even a slight doubt that this could be something malicious. This ability of theirs is the main reasons for the Trojans to be so widely spread. In fact, according to the security experts, this type of malware presently causes a remarkable 70% of all malicious infections that happen on the web. With this in mind, you should definitely proceed with serious attention regarding a threat like GatherNetworkInfo.vbs Virus and immediately remove it from your system the moment you detect it. But how can you spot this Trojan on your system?

When it comes to Trojan detection, there are certain symptoms, which may eventually indicate the presence of GatherNetworkInfo.vbs Virus on your machine. For instance, if you notice that your computer starts to experience sudden crashes, unexpected system errors, general sluggish performance or unusual high CPU or RAM usage, this may be a sign that some malicious script may be operating and manipulating your PC. The general malfunction may not be related to Trojan horse infections only, but still, if you notice something weird, you should better scan your system. A reputed antivirus or anti-malware software is your best friend in such a case and may help you catch the harmful threat on time.

What harm may GatherNetworkInfo.vbs Virus cause?

Criminals commonly employ infections like GatherNetworkInfo.vbs Virus for various destructive and illegal purposes. From online fraud, data and credential theft to online blackmail schemes – the malicious activities a Trojan horse can be exploited for can be numerous. Most commonly, the hackers use a Trojan script to compromise the user’s system and expose it to other, more harmful threats such as Ransomware, Spyware and different nasty viruses. Other issues, which GatherNetworkInfo.vbs Virus may cause, include malfunction or direct damage to the infected system, file destruction and modifications or unauthorized access to the system resources and all the data on the attacked computer. The Trojan may also be programmed to spy on its victims, steal their passwords and credentials or turn their computer into a bot and involve it in various spam and malware distribution campaigns. All these are just some of the possible harmful consequences, but we are sure that you don’t want to experience any of them, so use the instructions in the guide below and remove GatherNetworkInfo.vbs Virus from your system immediately.

How can you protect your PC from Trojans?

Your online browsing habits and safety measures have a lot to do with the general protection of your system. As we already said, having reliable antivirus or antimalware software is probably one of the best ways to keep your PC safe from all the nasty stuff that may hide on the internet. However, we also have to say that you should not seek for the malware yourself, and you should also apply some general safety tips when you surf the web. Be careful with the websites you visit and don’t click on all the popping messages, links, and notifications that may come up on your screen. Also, beware of spam and different emails with attractive attachments, too-good-to-be-true offers or links, which prompt you to click or download something. Stick to reputed web content sources and stay away from sketchy sites and intrusive content as much as possible. Being thoughtful when surfing the web may not be enough to fully protect you, but still, it is a must if you want to keep your PC safe. 


Name GatherNetworkInfo.vbs
Type Trojan
Detection Tool

Remove GatherNetworkInfo.vbs Virus

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