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General Launch

General Launch is a program that online advertisers use to promote various aggressive ads in users’ browsers. General Launch operates as a browser hijacker and makes changes to the key settings of the system’s default browsing app, which could be Safari, Chrome, Firefox or another one.

General Launch

The General Launch Malware is on Mac.

Users who use their browser for work, for education or simply for leisure can face difficulties to surf the web when this browser hijacker is operating in their system. The reason is that General Launch can be very annoying and can disturb their web surfing activity in a number of ways. For instance, as a typical representative of the browser hijacker family, this program can replace the browser’s search engine with one that generates sponsored search results. In addition to that, the invasive app can change the homepage address to a different one that redirects to a specific site. And to top it all off, every page that you visit through the hijacked browser will typically be filled with dozens of hard-to-remove pop-up messages, banner ads and text links that prompt you to click on something.

General Launch for Mac

General Launch for Mac is a piece of software that is used to display hundreds of promotional messages on the user’s screen during their web browsing sessions. General Launch for Mac is, basically, an ad-generating program but its activity can be highly annoying and unwanted.

Such changes in the browser’s regular operation can significantly slow the user down and force him to navigate through various unnecessary or unwanted web materials that constantly advertise something on the screen. This is the reason why many people search for instructions to remove the browser hijacker and to effectively uninstall its homepage and search engine changes from their favorite browser. The biggest challenge is to successfully detect and delete all the components that help the hijacker to display ads and redirect to its sponsored pages because, in most cases, there are no quick-access options for that. The removal guide below, however, contains detailed steps that can help you navigate to those components and safely remove them.

What is General Launch?

General Launch is a potentially unwanted program that seeks to make changes to your browser in order to facilitate a large amount of promotional content on your screen. General Launch is not a threat to Mac computers but can be a source of web surfing disturbance.

An important and relieving fact to know is that the representatives of the browser hijacker category are generally not malicious. These pieces of software aren’t interested in harming your Mac computer in any way. All that they can do is spam your screen with aggressive advertisements and redirect your searches to sites that pay for being promoted. The web ads and the links that programs like General Launch can display, however, should not be trusted because no one actually checks their origin and reliability. Therefore, clicking on the promotional links and pop-ups always comes with the risk of encountering a virus, a Trojan horse, Ransomware or another form of malware that can be concealed behind attractive-looking web content.

The GeneralLaunch app

The GeneralLaunch app is a Mac browser add-on that isn’t necessary for the operation of your browser and can safely be uninstalled. If not removed, however, the GeneralLaunch app can generate various commercial messages on the screen and can redirect to unfamiliar web locations.

Trojans, Spyware, Ransomware and computer viruses may also be found on low-quality websites to which you might be redirected by any of the displayed ads. That’s why our recommendation is not to click on anything and use the instructions in the guide below to deal with the intrusive application.


Name General Launch
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

General Launch Removal from Mac

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You can find the removal guide here.


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