Get Captcha top Virus

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Get Captcha top

Get Captcha top is an ad-generating piece of software that is classified as a browser hijacker. Apps like Get Captcha top often “hijack” the default web browser on a computer by altering major settings without the knowledge or permission of the user.

Get Captcha Top
The Get Captcha Top virus will display pop up ads and notifications

A browser hijacker can make a number of unwanted changes to your Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or other popular browser. To give just one example, a program like Get Captcha top may replace the default search engine with a less-known alternative. It may also replace the browser’s homepage with another, sending you to a specific URL whenever you launch the browser or a new tab.

Unfortunately, attempting to uninstall or remove these alterations is ineffective, since the moment you restart the hijacked browser, all adjustments are restored and there is nothing you can do to remove them. In addition, may flood the pages you visit with various pop-up advertising, banners, and sponsored notifications, all of which will prompt you to click on them.

This behavior is common among browser-taking programs, such as, Getsearchredirecting. Therefore, the only way to reclaim control of a hijacked browser is to completely remove the components of the intrusive software, along with all the browser modifications it has made. However, this usually requires some effort and technical know-how, since the developers of browser hijacking software like to make things difficult for users by not providing an easy uninstall option. Because of this, we have created comprehensive removal instructions for your convenience below. You can also download a professional removal tool from this page to help you quickly detect and uninstall Get Captcha top. If you want to delete files from your computer, however, be sure to read the entire guide first, because as there are several important steps that involve interaction with critical system data.

The sponsored pop-ups, banners and their associated websites may also not be reliable or safe. Malware and viruses, even notorious threats like Trojans and Ransomware, could insidiously enter the system through the stream of randomly displayed sponsored ads. For this reason, it’s best to ignore the pop-ups altogether and remove the hijacker responsible for displaying them.


NameGet Captcha top
TypeBrowser Hijacker
Detection Tool

*Source of claim SH can remove it.

Remove Get Captcha top Virus

Users who wish to remove Get Captcha top as quickly as possible should begin by following the quick instructions listed below:

  • Open the browser that is causing you problems.
  • Then, depending on the browser you’re using, click on its main menu button and select Add-ons (or More Tools).
  • Then, search for and open the Extensions tab.
  • Check whether Get Captcha top has introduced its own extension to the browser and, if so, ensure that it is removed.
  • Scan the browser for any other potentially unwanted extensions or unknown add-ons and delete them as well. You can do that by clicking on the Trash Bin symbol next to a browser extension.
  • Then, open a new tab and start a new browsing session in the browser to see whether the disturbance is gone.

If you continue to encounter odd advertisements, redirects, and other hijacking behavior while browsing, please follow the full Get Captcha top removal instructions below to permanently remove the browser hijacker.


To begin, we recommend that you bookmark this page with the Get Captcha top removal guide. This enables you to immediately refer to the instructions and pick up where you left off following a system restart, which may be required in some of the steps that follow.

And speaking of system restarts, it is recommended that you complete the remaining steps in Safe Mode. To restart the machine in Safe Mode, please follow the instructions on this link and then return to this page to continue with the Get Captcha top removal.


If you can’t get rid of the nagging pop-ups that are appearing on the screen of your browser, please try the following to remove any settings that Get Captcha top might have imposed without notifying you:

Find the shortcut icon of the problematic browser (Please note that we are using Google Chrome below only for demonstration) and Right click on it.

Then, select > Properties from the pop-up list of options.


Click on the Shortcut tab in the Properties window and then check to see if anything new has been added to Target, after .exe. Remove anything that you detect there (please see the image below).

Browser Hijacker Removal Instructions

Occasionally, it can be difficult to uninstall a browser hijacker’s modifications since the locations of these modifications in each browser’s settings are slightly different. To eliminate misunderstanding and to ensure a smooth removal of Get Captcha top, we’ve included detailed instructions for three of the most commonly used browsers below. If you have more than one browser installed on your system, please ensure that you check and clean each one for hijacker-related traces, as described below:

ie9-10_512x512  Remove Get Captcha top from Internet Explorer:

Open Internet Explorer and navigate to the window’s upper right corner. Then, click the gear icon and, from the list of options, click and select Manage Add-ons.

pic 3

After that, check to see if Get Captcha top has installed its own add-on and disable it. You can repeat this procedure for any other add-on that you are not currently using or cannot recall installing.

Following that, click the gear icon once more to access Internet Options.

Sometimes, a hijacker may substitute a sponsored URL for the homepage URL. If this is the case with you, replace the URL with the address you want to use as your homepage and click Apply.

firefox-512 Remove Get Captcha top from Firefox:

With Firefox open, click  mozilla menu , then select  Add-ons from the slide-down menu.

You’ll notice an icon labeled Extensions on the left; click it to view the browser extensions that have been installed.

The hijacker extension does not have to have the same name as the hijacker. Therefore, if you discover any extensions that you did not install yourself or that appear to be associated with the Get Captcha top’s activity, please disable and remove them.

pic 6

chrome-logo-transparent-backgroundRemove Get Captcha top from Chrome:

If you are using Chrome, and it is open, you must close it before navigating to the following system location:

 C:/Users/!!!!USER NAME!!!!/AppData/Local/Google/Chrome/User Data. 

Locate and select the “Default” folder. Change the folder’s name to Backup Default and then restart Chrome.

Rename the Folder to Backup Default

If you continue to experience redirects while browsing, or if irritating Get Captcha top-powered advertisements continue to appear on your computer’s screen out of nowhere, repeat the following steps until the end of this article.



*Source of claim SH can remove it.

Browser hijackers such as Get Captcha top may execute one or more processes in the background of the system in order to function. To view these processes, open the Task Manager (CTRL + SHIFT + ESC) and navigate to the Processes Tab (In Windows 10 it is called the “Details” Tab).

Following that, look for any hijacker-related processes. It is not required that they share the same name as the browser hijacker; therefore, look for indicators such as increased CPU and RAM usage or a random name.

When you come across something suspicious in the list, right-click on it and choose the Open File Location option to see its files.


What you should do next is scan the files using the free virus scanner provided below to determine whether they contain anything suspicious:

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    If the scanner flags one or more of the scanned files, please end the associated process and delete the associated files from their directories.

    Note: You can use the scanner above to scan the files of any suspicious process to see if it truly belongs to Get Captcha top and should be ended. Of course, do not end processes that are legitimate, as this may directly affect the operation of your OS and the software that you have installed on it.


    Additionally, you should delete any newly installed programs that may have invited the hijacker to your system via software bundling. To do so, simultaneously press the Windows Key and the R key on the keyboard. After that, in the Run box, type appwiz.cpl and click OK.


    The Control Panel will open, allowing you to search for newly installed programs. If you feel that any of the applications installed on your PC have a connection to Get Captcha top and its presence on the system, you should uninstall them.

    After that, exit the Control Panel and navigate to the Start menu’s search bar. In the search bar, type System Configuration and click the result:


    Uncheck any startup items associated with the browser hijacker on the Startup tab. When finished, click OK.

    *Source of claim SH can remove it.

    Then, using the Windows Key and R, start another Run box and paste the following text into it:

    notepad %windir%/system32/Drivers/etc/hosts

    Press Enter, and the screen will display a notepad file named Hosts. Within the file’s text, look for the term “Localhost” and see if any suspicious-looking IP addresses have been added under. For additional information, please see the image below:

    hosts_opt (1)

    If you see any virus-creator IP addresses listed under Localhost, please copy and paste them in a comment below this post. Our team will take a look at them and advise you on the best course of action.


    In the next step from this guide, open Network Connections by searching for it in the start menu’s search field. Following that, carefully follow the instructions below to revoke any changes to your DSN settings that Get Captcha top may have made.

    1. Right-click on the presently used Network Adapter with your pointer. You’ll see a menu where you need to choose Properties.

    2. With the pointer, choose Internet Protocol Version 4 (ICP/IP) and click Properties.

    3. Select Obtain DNS server address automatically if it is not already chosen, and then click the Advanced option.

    4. Finally, on the DNS tab, delete any rogue DNS from the field and click OK to save the changes.



    The final step is perhaps the most crucial in ensuring that Get Captcha top is successfully removed from the system. You will be interacting with registry files in this section, so please ensure that you understand what you are doing. Any changes or deletions to the registry can have a significant influence on the system’s overall stability and performance. Therefore, if you are unsure about the following methods, it is recommended that you use the recommended professional removal tool on this page.

    If you want to search for Get Captcha top manually, type Regedit in the Start menu’s search field and hit Enter. Following that, once the Registry Editor has been launched, press CTRL and F and carefully type the name of the browser hijacker in the Find box. Then start a search for files and folders with that name and delete any relevant entries.

    If nothing matching the hijacker’s name is discovered during the search, we recommend that you manually scan each of these directories for recently added files and folders with random names:

    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER—-Software—–Random Directory
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER—-Software—Microsoft—-Windows—CurrentVersion—Run– Random
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER—-Software—Microsoft—Internet Explorer—-Main—- Random

    Delete anything that you are certain belongs to the hijacker. If the manual steps are insufficient to remove Get Captcha top, we suggest that you download the professional tool we recommend or scan your files with the free online virus scanner from the link.

    Is Get Captcha top dangerous to your PC?

    Hijackers are a type of browser add-ons whose primary function is to earn revenue for the program’s creators. Paid commercials, pop-ups, promotional banners, redirect links, and other advertising materials are used to accomplish this goal.

    What is Get Captcha top?

    Get Captcha top and the other apps of this type frequently resort to heavy-handed ads and website rerouting in an effort to generate as much money as possible. Most users, however, find it hard to browse the web normally and ignore the aggressive ad-generation, thus they typically prefer to remove the browser hijacking programs once and for all.

    What browser hijackers like Get Captcha top do?

    Aside from the ads, the more subtle problem is the fact that browser hijackers like Get Captcha top frequently carry out a wide range of background activities. Such apps may up a lot of your computer’s resources, which in turn may cause issues like slower performance, browser crashes, and unresponsiveness that can disturb your normal time spent online. Additionally, some of the activities may involve tracking users’ clicks, website visits, and other data that later can be used to display more targeted advertisements.


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