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A Browser Hijacker is usually a type of unwanted software associated with computers. However, recently, with the release of GoCloudy (a Browser Hijackers made for Android devices), Android users have started to experience the problems caused by this intrusive software as well. Many users have been complaining about having their browser front pages and default search engines changed on both their Chrome and Firefox browsers. Those complaints are some of the most common symptoms of a Browser Hijacker infection. Fortunately, it is quite easy to deal with such an application as long as you know what you are doing. For that reason, we have provided a detailed instruction manual down below this article, which will teach you how you can remove GoCloudy and other similar applications from your device. However, before going there, take a few more moments to get a better grasp of what this type of irritating software is all about.

GoCloudy “Virus”?

Users have been asking this question a lot. The short answer would be that GoCloudy is not really a virus. Often times, people panic at the sight of a Browser Hijacker, thinking that they are dealing with some sort of a malicious virus similar to the notorious Ransomware for example. If you have landed GoCloudy, this is certainly not the case – a Browser Hijacker is, for the most part, a safe piece of software. Despite their tendency to heavily obstruct one’s online experience, those hijackers pose little to no threat to your device and your online security. On the other hand, malicious viruses such as Ransomware are surely something that can cause a lot of problems that at times cannot be solved at all.

With all that being said, you should still be careful with GoCloudy. After all, it is still unwanted and for a good reason. It couldcarry out a number of questionable activities like displaying fake warnings, urging you do download more unwanted software and even going through your browser history. Therefore, make sure that you utilize our guide and get rid of the invasive software ASAP.

Be careful what you install

Oftentimes, people get Browser Hijackers by downloading and installing some obscure free app from a questionable source. You have probably landed it the same way without even realizing that this new app actually has the unwanted hijacker integrated inside it. Whatever the case, make sure that from now on, you stick to reliable download sources and even then, carry out your own research on apps you are about to download. After all, the best way to deal with a Browser Hijacker is to never get one on in the first place.

GoCloudy Removal

If you have an Android virus, continue with the guide below.

If you have an iPhone virus, please use our iPhone Virus Removal guide.

If you have a Mac virus, please use our How to remove Ads on Mac guide.

If you have a Windows virus, please use our Windows Virus Removal guide.


Whether you use the default “Internet” App for browsing or a different browser like Chrome you need to go to:
Settings/More/Application Manager/All

Screenshot 2015 08 04 18 34 44 Opt

Locate the Browser/App in question and tap on it.


Now the method is effectively the same for users using both “Internet” and Chrome/Other Browsers, yet for more clarity we have provided instructions for both:

For “Internet” Browser Users:

Tap the Force Stop button.

Screenshot 2015 08 04 18 32 55 Opt

Now tap the Clear Data and Clear Cache Buttons.

Screenshot 2015 08 04 18 33 42 Opt

For Google Chrome Users:

Click on  Force Stop.

Screenshot 2015 08 04 18 30 39 Opt

Then click on Clear Data and Clear Cache.

Screenshot 2015 08 04 18 30 58 Opt


Restart your Browser. It might be a good idea to Reboot your Android device, just in case.

  • Important!

If you are still seeing Ads in your browser, it is likely they are generated by the websites you visit and there is nothing you can do about it.

However, if you are seeing Adverts outside of your internet browser, then one of your installed Apps contains the problematic Adware. In this case you need to take a look at this guide.

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