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Mac Virus


  Akamaihd Akamaihd.net is a content delivery network primarily used to speed up websites. It is very often abused by suspicious websites for webpage redirects and more. Numerous complaints about Akamaihd.net include webpage redirects, unwanted...

Mac Virus

Pgp Framework Mac

Pgp Framework Pgp Framework is a type of unwanted Mac application that operates as an add-on to the browser and is known for introducing unauthorized changes to the browser settings. The main changes Pgp Framework makes in the browser are related to...

Mobile Threats

Google Chrome Virus Android

What is Google Chrome Android Virus doing in your system and how dangerous can it be? This browser hijacker infiltrates the system silently. However, the signs of infection are obvious. The biggest problem is commonly related to the unfamiliar...

Mobile Threats

Ads by Startapp

Ads by Startapp In this article you are going to find Important information concerning Ads by Startapp, as well as instructions how to remove them from your Android Mobile device completely and for free. PUPs are an annoyance that is, for the most...

Mobile Threats

Polo4.me Virus

In the event that you’ve been experiencing some rather strange things with the browser on your android device and are wondering what’s going on – you’ve come to the right place. If any of the following describe your situation, your device has been...

Mobile Threats

6resth9lyh Virus

If you have recently come to notice that your browser has become flooded with various ads that keep redirecting you to random webpages and your browser’s homepage and/or default search engine have been changed without your permission – you’ve...

Mobile Threats

GoCloudy Virus

GoCloudy A Browser Hijacker is usually a type of unwanted software associated with computers. However, recently, with the release of GoCloudy (a Browser Hijackers made for Android devices), Android users have started to experience the problems...


Hohobnd “Virus” File Removal (Uninstall Guide)

This page aims to help you remove Hohobnd. These Hohobnd uninstall instructions work for every version of Windows. Hohobnd “Virus” File – what it is and what to do if it’s present in your PC Hohobnd is considered a PUP program. Or...