Gusau Virus

This page aims to help you remove the Gusau Virus Ransomware for free. Our instructions also cover how any .gusau file can be recovered.

How does the .Gusau Virus work

.Gusau Virus

The .Gusau Virus will show you this message, which contains instructions for paying the ransom.

The Ransomware infections are very widespread at the moment and their numbers are only going up with each day. More and more users are reporting that their files have gotten locked by cryptoviruses of this category, and that they are currently unable to open any of the data located in their machines. This is the typical effect of a Ransomware cryptovirus attack – infections of this sort are able to make all your data encrypted so that they could later blackmail you for the decryption key that you need in order to re-open the files. Such is the case with the newly released Gusau cryptovirus – this is among the latest Ransomware representatives and if you are here because your have already gotten your data sealed by it, you should know what your options are and what you can do in order to minimize the harm that this malware has caused. We say “minimize” because there can be no guarantee that everything would go back to its normal state. The problem with this type of infections is that, in many cases, full recovery may not be an option. Still, you should at least try to approach this situation in the best way possible so that the harm caused by Gusau isn’t so great.

Is it difficult to recover an encrypted .Gusau file

.Gusau file

How to deal with an encrypted .Gusau file.

The reason we say you may not be able to fully recover everything from an attack by Gusau is because of the encryption that gets used on the files – this encryption would remain there even after the malware it self gets removed. Usually, the only thing that can guarantee the recovery of the data is the decryption key that is held by the hackers. However, paying for that key isn’t exactly a smart thing to do and it hides the risk of losing a lot of money without actually recovering anything. This is because the hackers may refuse to send you the key and there wouldn’t be anything that you’d be able to do about it – if you have sent the money, the money is gone for good and there cannot be any guarantee that you would actually get the key for decrypting your files. Because of this, the general advise for such situations is to try to remove the malware and then seek alternative restoration methods. Something that many users may not really think about in case a Ransomware like Gusau, Berosuce or Madek has gotten their files encrypted is to check their other devices – flash sticks, external HDD’s, smartphones, tablets, as well as their online accounts and cloud storages. There you may actually find some spare copies of some of your important files, which you can then copy back on your computer once the malware has been removed. And, in order to remove the virus, we advise you to use the Gusau Removal guide we have prepared to you below. The second section of the guide would also offer you some alternative ways you may try in order to bring some of the files back without paying money to anyone.


Name Gusau
Type Ransomware
Detection Tool

Remove .Gusau Ransomware

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You can find the removal guide here.


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