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This page aims to help you remove Hbpix “Virus”. Our removal instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as every version of Windows.

This article is published in the hope of helping you solve your issues related to Hbpix “Virus”. This is an advertising-related piece of software that typically causes the production of too many ads or too many downloads by all the browsers that you might be using – Firefox, Explorer, Chrome, and Opera. We will not waste your time with long explanations, so that go on reading and you get all the info and tips about your current problem in the following text.

Hbpix “Virus” is a kind of software programmed to broadcast a huge number of ads. Its advertisements may come in many different shapes and colors. They may be in the form of boxes, banners, pop-ups or pop-unders. They may even represent some entire newly-opened browser tabs. If your computer has been infected by Hbpix “Virus”, such ads are going to appear each time you attempt to use your browser apps and visit any web page. No browser is immune to the so-called Adware. Really, there are lots of programs that could cause the display of many ads and the name of their software group is Adware.

Hbpix “Virus” is NOT a virus, nor has it ever been considered as such:

Precisely, Hbpix “Virus” has never been identified as a type of malware. It’s a logical conclusion as such a program doesn’t possess the standard features that classify any software as malicious. For example, Hbpix “Virus” will generate too many ads and will probably play with your nerves a lot. Nonetheless, it is not able to steal any private data from your computer. What’s more, Hbpix “Virus” may be able to access your browsing history and make an attempt to show just the ads relevant to your latest search requests. However, any really malicious program such as Ransomware, for instance, can scan all your PC disks and drives and will encrypt all your mostly used files. The difference between malware generally and Adware is definitely huge.

In fact, the generated ads are legal. The urge of Hbpix “Virus” to show so many ads can easily be explained with the scheme according to which its developers create such programs. The famous marketing strategy is PPC (pay per click on a generated advertisement). Actually, this is what normally happens when you get showered with various ads. Intentionally or unintentionally, you might click on several of them, you might even find some of them useful or interesting. That’s what producers and developers hope for. The first are more than happy once you buy a product from them and pay; and that’s how the makers of Adware get paid – from these profits.

Despite the legal nature of this software, the distribution of Hbpix “Virus” may raise some concerns:

The majority of the standard Adware-based products are relatively harmless pieces of software. In spite of that general truth, they might still raise some concerns when we review the way they are distributed worldwide. To start with, you might catch a program like Hbpix “Virus” almost anywhere on the web. You might get infected when you load a spam email, or you use a contagious website, if you download a torrent, for instance. However, there is one means considered the most successful one to have distributed Adware ever. Typically, it happens via a process known as software bundling. Through this process an Adware-like product gets mingled with other original programs and put together inside a bundle. The result from this process is a set called a bundle, and each of those can usually be downloaded freely on the Internet. 

If a user downloads such a program bundle and decides to venture into installing one, it is necessary for them to be aware of the proper installation manners that can save any PC from various forms of viruses and infections. The installation process should be completed via the ADVANCED or CUSTOM features of the wizard only. This is the only way to have some guarantees that you will have the control and install only the software from the bundle that you really want, leaving behind the irritating ad-broadcasting programs.

The way to remove the program causing all the annoying ads – Hbpix “Virus”:

It is possible to get any Adware program removed by using our specially designed Removal Guide. In case of any further questions, don’t hesitate to write to us in the comments.


Name Hbpix
Type  Adware
Detection Tool

Hbpix “Virus” File Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.


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Violet is an active writer with a passion for all things cyber security. She enjoys helping victims of computer virus infections remove them and successfully deal with the aftermath of the attacks. But most importantly, Violet makes it her priority to spend time educating people on privacy issues and maintaining the safety of their computers. It is her firm belief that by spreading this information, she can empower web users to effectively protect their personal data and their devices from hackers and cybercriminals.


  • It is a virus, the person does not allow for them to record my browser history, nor for them to download to my pc, be unable or very hard to uninstall it and make a profit out of my information. It is completely illegal and a violation of privacy. The fact that it is not regarded as a virus tells who runs the internet and in whos favour.

    • Technically, it isn’t a virus in the true sense of the word. However, as it is mentioned, it can still be undesirable due to the reasons that are stated both in the article and by you. Internet law is complicated and there surely are a lot of gray areas. In the end, it doesn’t really matter what you will call it, what matters is if you want it gone and how you can make it go away.

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