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Hide My Searches

Hide My Searches is an unwanted application that aggressively displays adverts and launches page-redirects from within the user’s browser. Hide My Searches installs in Safari, Chrome, and other popular browsers available for Mac and changes their search engines in order to show more ads and launch more redirects.

Hide My Searches

Hide My Searches on Mac

To most users, the presence of such an aggressive page-redirecting app in their browser may seem like some serious malware infection that threatens to harm their Mac or damage the files present on the computer. However, this is not the case with Hide My Searches. Instead of corrupting your system or files like a Trojan or a Ransomware, this piece of software would mostly limit itself to advertising various sites from within your browser by forcefully redirecting your traffic and searches to them. Some such apps even replace the starting page of the infected browser in order to ensure that each time you open a new tab or start the browser you will be generating traffic to the page that’s currently set as your homepage. Some users don’t mind this too much, but most people would prefer to not have such software in their computer (and understandably so).

Hide My Searches Virus for Mac

Hide My Searches for Mac is an invasive Mac browser extension that tampers with the affected browser’s settings and tries to promote different sites on the user’s screen. Hide My Searches for Mac needs to be removed for the promotional activity to stop.

To remove a browser hijacker(that’s what these apps are called), you will probably need some help, especially if you aren’t familiar with this type of software and if this is the first time you get a hijacker in your Mac. The good news is that by the end of this post you will have the needed information to uninstall the invasive application and restore the preferred settings of your Mac’s main browser.

What is Hide My Searches?

Hide My Searches is a special type of malware designed to infiltrate the browser in order to use its tabs for promotional space for some partnering sites. Hide My Searches will constantly try to get you to visit those sites because that’s how it makes money for its creators.

Normally, the activity of this app cannot be compared to the harmful actions performed by Trojans, Spyware, Viruses, or Ransomware threats. However, there’s still a security-related issue with most hijackers and it stems from the fact that there’s usually not much control imposed over the types of ads that get generated and the sites they may lead you to visit. It is not excluded that you may face a more serious threat if you click on the ads and don’t close the redirects, which is why it’s better to uninstall the hijacker just in case.

The Hide My Searches app

The Hide My Searches app is an invasive app that software researchers have classified as a Mac browser hijacker. The Hide My Searches app secretly gets installed in Mac’s main browser and starts to redirect its traffic in order to popularize some partnering sites.

To get this app uninstalled from your browser and restore the regular settings of the latter, try out the steps from the next guide and contact us in the comments if you need additional assistance.


Name Hide My Searches
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

How To Remove Hide My Searches from Mac

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