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Ads by Product Deals Overview

  1.  Ads By Product Deals is an advertisement-based malware security experts dub as a must-remove. Getting rid of it is simple enough as it is not very sophisticated, but you should not tarry, because statistics show it is more damaging, the longer it occupies space on your PC.
  2. Effects like lagging, sound glitching, browser crashing, and errors on startup are common occurrences. Don’t worry, they will disappear when you remove the virus.
  3. The advertisements sometimes land you to pages, unrelated to the actual products. This is not a mistake – the websites are simply filled to the brim with malware, and the longer you stay there, the higher the chance you’ll contract one.
  4. You should consider scanning with some sort of anti-malware tool, since there is a chance a virus has found its way in and you will still have troubles even if you get rid of Ads by Product Deals. We are not advertising any given software, so we will not name any here, but definitely consider doing this.


Warning! Ads by Product Deals uses a system of trickery dedicated to manipulating you into downloading others of its kind. To avoid this, do not trust any messages coming  from your PC. Anything related to missing plugins and updates on existing versions of Java or Flash Player are probably fakes created by the virus. Alternatively if you receive alerts that your PC has found a malware and recommends the installation of a particular program, this is most likely part of the malware too (talk about being impudent).

How To Avoid Ads by Product Deals (And Other Malware)

Knowledge is power, as the saying goes. In this case the knowledge that gives you power is knowing what the viruses are trying to achieve and how they do it. They are basically promotonal tools, that’s easy enough to decipher. on its own. The creators develop adware to be the backdoor for other viruses, and to advertise affiliate websites. But there has to be a beginning somewhere, a platform where an initial wave of users contract the virus. Spam email is one way to achieve this, but since most people know not to open attachments and links from such, that leaves with another option.

You have to be unaware of the virus before it’s too late. And this can happen when you install another program. Freeware providers are notorious for harboring a palette of different viruses. If you remember installing something recently, it’s a good bet it is the one responsible for the virus. The setup is obligated to inform you that a bonus of some sort will be added, but as I said, most people don’t pay attention. Here is an example for a setup with a virus:


If you click “Accept” in this case, you are definitely screwed. So the moral fo the story here is to keep your eyes open and search for any mentions of advertisements. That’s when you know there’s gonna be a problem.


Name  Ads by Product Deals
Type Adware
Detection Tool

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How to Remove Ads by Product Deals

Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.

You can find the removal guide here.


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