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Online Video Promoter is a well-known PUP – a potentially unwanted program – that displays, in plain language, a brickload of advertisements. Winpl.exe is a process associated with this PUP, and indeed, many even consider this a malware. Winpl.exe will be started each time you turn on your PC; there are also reports of some sound effects while the process is active, like clicking. In reality Online Video Promoter is an adware (a portmanteau word coming from ad and malware) and adware are very well-known for doing several very worrisome things, the first of which is, of course, displaying advertisements. However this is arguably the least dangerous of its activities. The main goal of Online Video Promoter is to manipulate you into getting aboard more of its kind, or a ransomware, a virus class that locks up your PC and demands payments to release it. The tricks themselves can come in the form of:

  1. Fake banners around web pages that prompt you or download missing plugins.
  2. The most widely used scam here is to try and imitate a number of legitimate programs, claiming it is an update for them. These can range from windows updates to Java or Flash Player and will not be only shown of web pages, but during routine browsing on your PC.
  3. It can also fake you by presenting itself as an anti-virus program that believes you have been infected by a virus. It wants to scan and search its database. The most wide used programs in this example are Kaspersky, Norton and Avira.
  4. Video streaming websites like Youtube will get a layer of pop-ups on top of the videos. Such websites become practically unusable, because the pop-ups are thumbnails and there’s little you can do to get rid of them. Online Video Promoter is notorious for doing exactly this, as the name suggests.
  5. REMEMBER! Basically everything this thing will try to do is make you accept something. If you do this you are giving it authority. If you simply ignore everything you see you will take away a whole lot of the virus’s edge.

We’ve also received reports that this virus is responsible for another things that can plague your PC, but it’s not an active trick aimed at exploiting you. Rather it is considered a side-effect:

  • A sluggishness of the PC, freezing, browser crashing, and a variety of small system errors and glitches. The whole problem is related to the advertisements. Basically your PC has to manually generate them, and this takes a lot of cycles from your CPU.


Name Online Video Promoter
Type Adware
Detection Tool

How to Remove Online Video Promote

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You can find the removal guide here.


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