Search Query Router Virus

This page aims to help you remove Search Query Router “Virus”. These Search Query Router “Virus” removal instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as every version of Windows. [banner_guide]

The following article has been assembled with the sole intention of helping all the users who have encountered Search Query Router – a version of a browser hijacker. Probably, as a victim of this usually non-hazardous program, you know that it may cause some seriously irritating modifications to all of your browsers. Your Firefox, Explorer and Chrome browsing apps are likely to experience changes to their default search engines and homepages; redirecting processes and some intense production of pop-up ads. However, we are going to share all the details, concerning this kind of software generally, as well as this program – Search Query Router, particularly, below so that you will know how to deal with it in a safe and effective way.

Since we have already briefly explained what you may expect from such a program above, we are now going to add some more characteristic browser hijacker features. For example, many if not all browser hijackers can be programmed to get access to your browser history records. They do that with a strictly advertising purpose; in this way they may be able to distribute only those pop-ups and banners that you will be willing to click on. Also, the possible generation of ads they may provoke could result in a slowdown of your computer, due to the intensive consumption of RAM and CPU. Such an effect happens rarely, though, because it depends on the resources of your particular PC.

Is Search Query Router a legitimate program? Isn’t it a virus?

It is maybe a little surprising, but browser hijackers are generally legal programs. In fact, they are just simple marketing tools, created because of the need to advertise services and products online. Everything they may do, they in fact do with solely promoting purposes. Indeed, we can conclude that there is nothing malicious about Search Query Router because of the great differences between browser hijackers and normal viruses such as Trojans and Ransomware. The main aspects of the typical behavior that differentiate a browser hijacker from Ransomware, for instance, are the following:

  • As you will see below, hijackers never invade a machine on their own. Normally, you are the one who has to authorize the installation of such software, no matter whether you do it willingly or unknowingly.
  • On the contrary, the viruses based on Ransomware are perfectly capable of self-installing on your PC, even without your uninformed permission.
  • What’s more, Ransomware DOES access your entire system, not only the browsers as hijackers do, and could damage a lot of its components.

How your PC may end up catching Search Query Router

While there could be many various sources such as torrents, websites and shareware, there is still one very common source, which could be blamed for the biggest number of infections. This is the process called bundling. Via this process many apps, games, programs like Adware and browser hijackers are mixed, and bundles are created. Usually, these bundles are free and everyone can download them from the web. However, it is not about downloading such a hijacker-containing mixture, it is all about the way you incorporate it into your system.

How to install a bundle in order to avoid being infected by a hijacker

Make sure that you select the right installation feature once you have downloaded and opened the desired bundle. As soon as you see the installation wizard, choose the following features:

  • Either the Advanced one, or the Customized one, which will give you the opportunity to be in control of the entire installation process. In this way you will be able to choose which programs and program features you really need on your computer.

Also, ensure that you make every possible effort to avoid the following features:

  • All the ones marked as Quick, Easy, Automatic or Default. They will not let you control the installation process and you will be very likely to end up annoyed by a hijacker.

How to get rid of Search Query Router

There might be many possibilities; however, we recommend that you choose our Removal Guide below. Via following the instructions there, you will safely and successfully remove this irritating piece of software. When it comes to prevention, installing your software in the proper way, explained above, and simply staying away from the potential sources will help you avoid such disturbing programs.


Name Search Query Router
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Search Query Router Removal

You are dealing with a malware infection that can restore itself unless you remove its core files. We are sending you to another page with a removal guide that gets regularly updated. It covers in-depth instructions on how to:
1. Locate and scan malicious processes in your task manager.
2. Identify in your Control panel any programs installed with the malware, and how to remove them. Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker that gets installed with a lot of malware.
3. How to clean up and reset your browser to its original settings without the malware returning.
You can find the removal guide here.

For mobile devices refer to these guides instead: Android, iPhone

About the author

Lidia Howler

Lidia is a web content creator with years of experience in the cyber-security sector. She helps readers with articles on malware removal and online security. Her strive for simplicity and well-researched information provides users with easy-to-follow It-related tips and step-by-step tutorials.


  • Yes, it sure looks suspicious. You should better remove it and see if the problem is gone. If the issue persits, tell us in the comments and we will provide you with further aid.

  • can’t i just delete the files located by SpyHunter?
    Since almost every file i see in the Task Manager doesn’t look suspicious

    • Well, since you’ve used the detection tool, go on and delete the files that it has located. If you still have the issue, feel free to write back to us for further assistance.

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  • Hi, I rebooted my laptop (Windows 10) but when I opened Google Chrome to open this site to use the free online scanner, I can’t connect to the internet even if I chose the fifth option in the reboot page. I can’t scan the files to make sure I don’t delete any necessary files. Thank you in advance! This virus has been on my laptop for too long.

    • Here is what I want you to try in order to fix this. Open the Start Menu and type cmd. Right-click on the first search result and select Run as Administrator. When the command line opens, type in the following line and hit enter: netsh winsock reset . Now, see if the issue is fixed. Remember, if you need any additional support, you can always tell contact us in the comments.

    • try to go to network setting, select proxy setting, if u find proxy script delete it. n turn off the proxy. it works in mine without any delete or uninstall anything.

  • Make sure to remove all of those and save the changes to the Hosts file. Those IP’s are certainly coming from the unwanted software.

  • can you help me i followed all the steps but there were no suspicious process in the task manager , there was no suspicious program i could uninstall , after typing msconfig none had a suspicious or unknown manufacturer ,in the step 4 no ips were there after local host ,no rogue dns and i have already removed the extra from all the shortcuts then why am i still getting query router or launchpage. org.
    and also i have a tool called malwarebytes installed

    • Did you check the Registry Editor for any shady keys as described in the final step of the guide?

  • You simply delete them as you would normally delete text from a text file. Then you have to save the changes to the Hosts file by clicking on File > Save.

  • Yes, those need to be removed. Just delete them as normal text and then save the changes you’ve just made.

  • Can you send us a screenshot of the Registry since we cannot be sure only from what you’ve send us here?

  • Did you check the Hosts file and the folders in the Registry Editor that we mentioned in the guide?

  • Did you notice any shady IP’s in the Hosts file (Step 4 from the guide)? Also, have you deleted anything from the Registry Editor?

  • You should probably remove those IP’s. Just make to save the changes to the Hots file after you do that.

  • Nothing shows up in any of the steps and i get my search bar hijacked regularly or re routed to a different search engine. I deleted a few things from the registry a while back and made it happen less often, but now it’s worse than ever.

    • Can you send us a screenshot of the processes from your Task Manager as well as another one form the list of programs installed onto your PC (from the Control Panel)?

    • Those IP’s should be removed since they are more than likely coming from the undesirable piece of software. Delete them and save the changes to the Hosts file.

  • I can’t save changes to the hosts files, it says i dont have access to the folder but i am currently the admin.

    • In order to be able to save the changes, here is what you need to do: open your Start Menu and copy-paste the following line: notepad %windir%/system32/Drivers/etc/hosts . Next, right-click on the first result and select Run as Administrator. Doing this will enable you to make changes to the Hosts file and save them afterwards. Tell us if this worked for you or if you need additional help.

  • Hi,

    I’m getting annoyed by this queryrouter virus opening new tabs and appearing as default browser. So I tried to follow the steps but when getting to step 4, after verifying I have no weird IP addresses connected to my pc I try to look for the Network Adapter and Properties —> Internet Protocol Version, but under Networking tab nothing shows up, is all empty. Doesn’t say what I’m Using to Connect nor any items. And already verified wired internet connection. What can I do?
    I got a dell inspiron 5559, windows 10.

    Please help,

    • Hello there. Before we try anything else, I would ask you to do the same (open the Properties window) with the other icon icon in your Network Connections and see if it’s empty as well (you can send us another screenshot if you want). Also, we advise you to complete Steps 5 and 6 even if you cannot currently complete this one and see if anything changes. Try those and tell us what happened.

      • I completed all steps and tried with the other icon as you said but is still the same as in the screenshot I sent. and in step 5 it doesn’t show anything to delete after ”exe.” Also, I tried to manually search for the files by typing their name in the search box in Windows explorer to locate them but it doesn’t show the files Spy Hunter says I have neither does it tell me where they are located. My pc is getting really slow when browsing and is not my speed. Don’t know what to do …

        • In such a case, we advise you to clear your browser cache. If you do not know how to do that, tell us what browser you are using and we will explain to you how to do it.

  • Doesn’t the anti-malware tool give you the location of the files that must be removed? By the way, you can always manually search for the files by typing their name in the search box in Windows explorer so you can do that in order to locate them.

  • Can’t save the host file after deleting the IPs. It says you are not logged in as the administrator whereas I already am.

    Please help.

    • Here is what you should do: copy this line “notepad %windir%/system32/Drivers/etc/hosts” and paste it in your Start Menu search bar. Right-click on the first (and probably only) search result and then select Run as Administrator. Once the Hosts file opens you should be able to delete the unwanted IP’s and save the changes to the file.

  • All of those need to be removed since they are more than likely coming from some unwanted piece of software.

  • The addresses that you have send us are probably coming from the undesirable software which is why we advise you to remove them and save the changes made to the hosts file afterwards.

  • i downloaded spyhunter which found 3 things easysearchit. com , adware helpers and newpoptab but i have to purchase premium version to remove these and not able to find these by myself in the steps you have mentioned.

    • The free version only provides you with the scanner option. On the other hand the premium version of the program enables you to instantly remove any potential threats in nearly all instances of undesirable software. Also, for the few cases where the program might not be able to resolve the said issue, you are also provided with live support where you’d be presented with a customized fix for your problem.
      If you want to stay on the free version, then you mus manually locate the unwanted software and delete it. This should not be difficult to do. Copy the names of the potentially unwanted programs that came up in the scanning results and paste them in the Start Menu search bar. Open the file locations of the search results and delete anything that comes up as unreliable.
      Lastly, which of our removal steps did you try? Did you check the Hosts file for shady IP addresses and did you search for the unwanted software in the Registry Editor? If you haven’t done everything from the guide, we advise you to do that first.

  • Since those IP’s aren’t supposed to be in your hosts file, you should delete them in order to remove them from there.

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