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This page aims to help you remove Vidsquare “Virus”. These Vidsquare “Virus” removal instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as every version of Windows.

Several users have been recently reporting an unstoppable ads and pop-ups disturbance on their Chrome and Firefox browsers, caused by an adware program called Vidsquare “Virus”. The chance is that you also have it on your computer but you may not know how it got there. This program has most probably been installed on your system without your notice and is now flooding your screen with dozens of ads, new tabs and page redirects every time you try to browse the web. This strange and rather aggressive activity has been troubling many and on this page we are going to give answers to all the questions that you may have. The good thing is that this adware is nothing malicious from the rank of Ransomware, Trojans, viruses or other harmful threats. So, even if you have Vidsquare “Virus” on your PC, this is not a malware infection. However, this program still has some questionable activities, which we will describe in detail below. In case you wish to remove it, at the end of this article you will find a step-by-step removal guide that will help you successfully uninstall the adware from your system. So, let’s begin.

What is Vidsquare “Virus”?

Vidsquare “Virus” is specific software, which is generally created to earn revenue for its owners by displaying paid advertisements on your screen. Such software is mostly known as adware and many users are facing its disturbing activity since it is widely distributed on the web. In general, adware is considered potentially unwanted software and the main reason for that is its intrusive behavior and the rather questionable tasks it may perform on your PC. In most cases, when a program like Vidsquare “Virus” operates on your computer, it is very likely that it may change your homepage, redirect your searches, replace your search engine with another one and display tons of aggressively popping boxes, banners, ads, notifications and links on your screen. This activity may constantly interrupt your normal browsing unless you uninstall the adware completely.

How did Vidsquare “Virus” get inside your PC?

If you are thinking that this program snuck inside your PC like a virus or Ransomware, you are wrong. Adware doesn’t do that. The most likely scenario is that you have installed Vidsquare “Virus” on your computer along with other software you’ve recently installed. In fact, such software is mostly found in software bundles where it comes packed with another attractive application that users download and install. The most common places where such bundles are distributed are freeware platforms, torrent sites, open source download platforms, direct downloads, installation managers, and even spam emails with test software packages.

The software developers, who pack these bundles, mostly rely on people’s negligence when it comes to installing such packages and this seems to be working, as many people end up with a bunch of potentially unwanted programs on their computers installed this way. Unfortunately, most users make a simple mistake during the first clicks of the setup they intend to install. Firstly, they rarely read the EULA carefully enough to see what additional programs are included in the installer. And secondly, they normally proceed with the standard installation option, which doesn’t give them much control over the programs that will be installed. Many don’t know that if they click the advanced/custom option in the setup, a detailed menu will open where they can manually deselect all the additional software that is hidden in the installer. This way they can easily prevent the installation of any programs they don’t need or can’t recognize and only install the desired ones.

A few prevention tips

Searching for ways to remove the unwanted software is without a doubt more troublesome than simply knowing how to prevent it. The “Advanced” option in the setup is one sure way to disable adware, different components, potentially unwanted programs and sometimes even malware from sneaking inside your system unnoticed. However, some general safety rules should also be applied in order to minimize the possibility of encountering such software. Be selective when downloading and installing different programs from the web and bear in mind that it is safer to rely on reputable sites with no sketchy content attached. Trusted sources and trusted software is of utmost importance for your system safety. A reliable antivirus is also a necessity nowadays and combined with a reputable anti-malware tool it will surely provide adequate protection for your computer.


Name Vidsquare “Virus”
Type Adware
Detection Tool

Vidsquare “Virus” Removal

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