Web Bar (Removal Guide)

This page aims to show you how to remove Web Bar. These Web Bar removal instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer as well as every version of Windows.

Web Bar is a suspiciously acting program of the Browser Hijacker variety. This is a form of malware distinctive for the large amount of pop-up advertisements and web page redirects that it subjects the affected users to.

How to Remove Web Bar

Web Bar Removal

The ads are certainly annoying but must be very careful not to indulge in clicking on them or in any way interacting, the reason being additional malicious software might find its way to your hard drive if you are not careful.

The same applies to the web page redirects, once you find yourself on an unfamiliar website, don’t spend time there but leave as soon as possible. Do not install any type of software if suggested by the virus.

How was Web Bar installed?

You might be wondering exactly how you ended up with a malicious software installed on your computer, it is important to answer that question so you can avoid making the same mistake in the future. We are going to list the different methods that Browser Hijacker applications use to spread.

  • An old method that is still being used today to a varying degree of success is the e-mail attachments infection. Meaning downloading infected files from an e-mail you have received in your mailbox. You should be always careful when opening a message from a previously unknown sender. It is best if you avoid downloading attachments from such e-mails at least until you have the chance to scan with anti-malware or anti-virus scanner.
  • Most people nowadays have used or are continuously using torrents and file-sharing websites to download some kind of content. This has been recognized from virus creators and it is not an uncommon occurrence to find infected executable file in such places. You should be always careful if you download something and scan it first before opening.
  • By far the most widespread method for Browser Hijacker contamination is the software bundle installers. Usually packaged with a legit software and in most cases some sort of freeware, additional software is packaged and set for installation alongside the one you are actually trying to install. Sometimes this additional software might be harmless or simply annoying but most times with end up with Browser Hijacker at the least. The only way for you to prevent this is if you click on Advanced installation options and carefully review everything before you commit to the actual installation.



Name Web Bar
Type  PUP/Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

How To Remove Web Bar (Removal)

Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.

You can find the removal guide here.


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