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This page aims to show you how to remove Webstarts.biz “Virus”. These Webstarts.biz “Virus” removal instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as every version of Windows.

All about Webstarts.biz: Possible consequences and typical behavior

Webstarts.biz has been classified as a browser hijacker. What you could expect from any browser hijackers are the following consequences:

  1. Broadcasting of a lot of ads in the form of banners, boxes and mostly pop-ups, which will probably irritate you a lot.
  2. Modification of your browser – changes in terms of your default search engine and browser homepage.
  3. Some redirecting may occur – your browser may start opening pages you have never commanded it to load.

It is also important to be aware of the simple fact that every single browser could get affected. Webstarts.biz will not spare Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Explorer.

Details about the way Webstarts.biz typically works

We have already briefly explained above what could be expected from Webstarts.biz. Here we are going to elaborate on some of the program’s additional features. When it comes to the generation of online advertisements, most probably this hijacker won’t do anything randomly. Most browser hijackers have the ability to track your browsing history, as they have access to your browser’s records. As a result, the ad campaigns that are broadcast can be adapted to what the program presumes are your personal preferences and interests. Another possible result of the banner and pop-up production might be a significant slowdown or even a shutdown of your entire PC, which can be quite bothersome. Of course, such a turn of events is strongly dependent on your system’s resources and the processing capacity of your computer.

Is Webstarts.biz a “Virus”?

A common misconception has lead many users to refer to Webstarts.biz “virus”. However this is not an accurate assumption. Ad-generating programs, including all forms of Adware and browser hijackers, usually strive to efficiently promote something –a product or a service. In the case with browser hijackers, the promoted thing could be a web page or a newly-developed search engine that needs popularizing. Don’t worry, this is how marketing works – its tools are more or less harmless, but can often be awfully irritating. Such programs as Webstarts.biz get created and enhanced every day, because goods manufacturers and providers need to promote their products more efficiently. The involved web developers on the other hand just need the money that comes from all the streams of banners and pop-ups, which is why they make their hijackers a little intrusive, but not dangerous. All the activities of these programs are completed in accordance with the respective law and regulations. This means that there is nothing malicious about hijackers. As we have mentioned above, Webstarts.biz cannot do anything harmful or illegal to your computer. Such programs are experts at advertising, nothing else. You cannot expect to be attacked in any way by such a piece of software – no destruction, corruption and encryption of files will come from it. No spying, no data theft or abusive warnings result from hijackers. These programs are not equal to viruses! Real viruses like Ransomware and any Trojan version are capable of self-installing on your PC, while ad-producing software still needs your knowing or unknowing approval to do that.

The places where you can come across such a hijacker

Hijackers could be caught from contagious web pages, contaminated attachments of emails or the emails themselves, also drive-by downloads. The best providers of ad-showing software still are the so-called program bundles. Such combos of programs may include games, apps, other programs as well as ad-producing software in the form of Adware or hijackers. What could also be mentioned about those bundles is that they are normally free and anyone could download them and use them at no charge. However, downloading a bundle doesn’t equal installing the hijacker in it. Webstarts.biz, as it has been stated above, needs your permission to be installed on your computer. This program is incapable of doing that on its own. Still, the way it infects a PC could still appear quite unclear to some users and that is partly why this software has been labeled as potentially unwanted. The key to using a program from a bundle and avoiding an ad-related infection is to install the software you want, but to exclude the Adware or the hijacker inside a given bundle during the installation process. You can only do that by selecting the most detailed installation method and its corresponding wizard feature: the custom or advanced one. All the other ones included in the wizard are not recommended if you want a healthy and safe system. To remove this browser hijacker, simply complete the steps of the Removal Guide we have prepared for you. It is located at the end of this page.

Webstarts.biz virus

Webstarts.biz in Chrome



Name Webstarts.biz
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

How to Remove Webstarts.biz Virus

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You can find the removal guide here.



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