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This page aims to help you remove YeaDesktop “Virus”. Our removal instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as every version of Windows.

Adware pieces of software like YeaDesktop “Virus” can become a real nuisance in a very short period of time and interrupt your browsing in a very irritating way. These programs somehow find their way to your system and immediately take over your Chrome, Firefox or Explorer browser by installing an ad-generation script and making it produce an enormous amount of ads, pop-ups, different banners, new tabs and various promotional messages. Their activity often results in the quality of the users’ browsing and causes them more interruption and disturbance rather than bringing some actual benefit. Therefore, a lot of users who tend to face YeaDesktop “Virus” are eagerly looking to uninstall this software from their system and save themselves from the intrusive stream of ads. But how can one handle such an unexpected invasion and is there a safe way to remove the adware along with all of its nagging advertisements? In the next lines, we are going to explain a lot of things about this software and its nature, which will surely help you deal with it better. We will also provide you with a free removal guide, which can help you eliminate YeaDesktop “Virus” without much of a hassle, so stay with us to find out more.

What is the main purpose of adware?

The main activity of such programs is to generate different types of online ads, pop-ups, banners and various promotional messages, links and web pages. The same is valid for YeaDesktop “Virus” – its idea is to expose you to those ads as much as possible because this is how it can promote and advertise certain products, services, and pages, which is its primary purpose. The people who benefit from these aggressive advertising methods are usually the vendors and providers of the advertised items. They are more than happy if you click on some of the displayed ads because your clicks may bring them some profits through Pay-Per-Click campaigns, you may eventually buy something or simply increase their web page traffic. You, as a user, on the other hand, many not be all that excited about the idea of dealing with tens of popping ads every time you open your browser. That’s why you may want to remove these ads and this can only happen if you fully uninstall the adware from your system.

Is YeaDesktop a dangerous program?

When users face the strange activity of YeaDesktop “Virus”, they naturally come with a couple of important questions about the nature of this program. The first thing they usually want to know is whether this software is dangerous or not and how it can affect their system. Adware, in general, doesn’t have a good reputation among online users, however, this doesn’t necessarily make it a virus or serious computer threat from the rank of a Trojan or Ransomware infection. In fact, this software represents nothing malicious and has no harmful scripts or destructive activities, which can cause some damage or malfunction of your computer. That’s why, if you have YeaDesktop “Virus” on your PC, you have no real reason to be concerned. Still, you may want to remove this adware because of some other potentially unwanted effects, which it may cause.

The issues…

As we already mentioned above, YeaDesktop “Virus” cannot be related to any destructive or criminal activity, however, there are some issues, which may give you a good reason to uninstall it from your computer. One common marketing practice, which some people regard as potentially unwanted and privacy violating, is the ability of the adware to extract browsing information from the affected browser and collect it for the purposes of its aggressive advertising streaming. The marketers, who stand behind this software, can program it to gather for them some valuable marketing data related to the latest users’ web searches, their browsing history, bookmarks and recent social media activity. With this data in their hands, they can easily get an idea about what the users are interested in and then try to tailor their interests to the ads displayed. Another aspect of the adware, which may hide some indirect, but real security risk, is related to the ads that it displays and their safety. Generally, most of the popping messages you may see come from real vendors, however, you should keep in mind that the hackers also use some legitimate-looking ads, links and pop-ups to distribute nasty infections like Trojans, Ransomware, and other viruses. With dozens of ads, displayed on your screen daily, you never know when you may eventually bump into a fake, misleading or infected page or a pop-up, which may hide such hazards. That’s why, it makes much more sense to simply eliminate the ads by removing their source, rather than risking your safety and clicking on some well-camouflaged malicious transmitter.


Name YeaDesktop 
Type  Adware
Detection Tool

YeaDesktop “Virus” Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.


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