How to spot Adware

Few things on the Web are actually completely free

Many people install different types of Malware applications on their computer lured by offers for free products. While they are definitely good programs that don’t cost any money the sad reality is that these are few and far between. They are also never advertised – at least not commercially, because doing so costs money. Good free products rely on mouth-to-mouth advertisement from people who already tried them. The best recommendation on how to find them comes from forums, chat boards and blogs that focus on reviews.

  • REMEMBER! Online Ads cost money and programs that are actually free do not generate any profit on their own. Most free programs offer a no-charge trial followed by a one-time payment or a subscription. Those that do not follow this scheme will usually inject Ads on your computer!

There is no universal method on how to get good feedback, but a Google search is going to be your best bet. Don’t open the main site behind a program – every praise and positive comment written there can easily be manipulated by the owner. Look for independent sites, forums and blogs that discuss the product at hand and decide if it’s worth installing.

Software bundles – traps for the unsuspecting user

Many of us have busy schedules – whenever we need something done we are prone to download the first free solution google spits at us and install it in the fastest way possible. That is how the worst cases of Adware come in.

In continuation to the topic above free programs will often generate revenue by adding other programs to their installers. When you open such an installer you agree by default to have it install everything its creator has seen fit to put inside.

  • REMEMBER! When installing any type of program don’t rush but read through all the menus. If you are given the option of a quick installation or a custom/advanced view always prefer the extended option. Any additional programs that are not required by the main programs should be avoided.

Deal finding software

This family of software consists of Malware exclusively. Never trust such software and never willingly install it on your computer. If you are looking for similar functionality look for web pages that spot good deals – many such pages exist for different types of goods.

  • REMEMBER! Recommendation software will simply recommend the products of E-sellers that pay its creator a fee. Such programs will intentionally manipulate your search results in order to show you only the products they are paid to advertise!

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