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Idea Shared is a Mac application that modifies certain browser elements like the new-tab page or the default search engine. Idea Shared does this without asking for permission and is therefore deemed unwanted.

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The Idea Shared App will display pop up ads and messages

Today we are going to talk about some web page-redirects that no one wants to be affected by. They are named browser hijackers and may really influence the usual ways in which your browser apps – Safari, Chrome, Firefox and others, look and behave. What such redirects might be capable of is entirely changing the look of your browsers by setting some absolutely unfamiliar homepages or search engines to them. Or as in the case of Idea Shared cryptocurrency mining. Another modification that might occur is the possible redirection you could experience as a result of these redirects’ incorporation into your browsers. Perhaps the most irritating part of the infection caused by any hijacker (Search Baron, Pronto App) are the hundreds of different ads that will be covering your tabs and windows while you are surfing the Internet.

What else we are going to discuss below is one particular representative of these redirects called Idea Shared that has become a very common online annoyance recently and has affected many users worldwide.

Idea Shared for Mac

Idea Shared on Mac is a type of app that introduces unwanted changes to Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Idea Shared on Mac can also gather browser data in order to sell it to third-party web advertisers.

These web page-redirects that might affect you browser apps are actually advertising software tools. People use them to promote something such as a product or a service in the online world. Such redirects function according to the pay-per-click scheme, meaning that the more redirection and ads you are exposed to daily, the more profitable the advertising process is considered to be. Therefore, the creators of this software and the people who sell something and need the audience to purchase it will make a lot of money.

What is Idea Shared?

Idea Shared is a form of Mac malware recognized as a browser hijacker. Idea Shared is designed to collect data related to your online habits, and then sell it to advertisers.

Actually, we have not heard anything suspicious about the majority of the existing hijackers. They are mere advertising tools and usually lack any dangerous effects. However, you should take into account the fact that they might have some slightly bothering features such as:

  • The redirects such as Idea Shared might really affect all the known browsers and there are indeed no exceptions, which could be really annoying.
  • Such pages might access and review your browsing history and determine what kind of products/services you are interested in so that such ads could be produced and shown to you later. Maybe this is the most bothering and suspicious feature of the popular hijackers.
  • The new homepages and search engines that might be set on your browsers might not be very functional, which could reduce the overall quality of your online experience.

The IdeaShared App

The Idea Shared app is a junkware Mac app aimed at promoting different sites and gathering advertising-related data. The Idea Shared app mainly targets browsers like Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

Some of the usual sources of such pages are spam, torrents and shareware. The truth is that such redirects may in most of the cases be incorporated into the so-called program bundles. This means you might not be aware of the presence of any hijacker at the moment of downloading and installing a bundle on your computer. That’s why you need to be particularly careful with the installation processes you perform.

Basic installation tips – no matter whether you are installing a bundle or a separate program:

When we are talking about installing anything on your computer, you need to be careful and informed. When you open any installer, you have to read carefully all the EULAs and all the offered ways of installing the software.

Usually, there are two kinds of installation options:

  • The Advanced/ Manual/ Customized ones – Such choices feature an installation process which is entirely under your control. This means that all the content of any bundle and all the features of any program will be shown to you so that you can personally choose which one of them you need and which you don’t. In this way you will easily opt out of any suspicious programs, page-redirects and plug-ins included in the bundles. Make sure that these are the steps you use every time you install something into your system.
  • The Easy/ Recommended/ Basic ones – Normally, these are the choices that enable a quick installation process. Nonetheless, this might mean that you are not going to be asked what you want on your computer and what you don’t. That way you could end up being bothered by browser redirects and all kinds of online annoyances.

If the infection by Idea Shared has already occurred, what could possibly be done?

We have designed a set of instructions to help you remove Idea Shared from your computer. Simply follow them closely and you may succeed in this operation.


Name Idea Shared
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Remove Idea Shared Mac App Virus

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