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Igcritic is a browser hijacker application that can bother some web users with the generation of unwanted on-screen ads. Typically, Igcritic can integrate with the main web browser and display different pop-up ads, banners and redirect links on its tabs and windows.


The Igcritic virus will display pop up ads and messages

Chrome, Firefox, Edge and other popular web browsers are the usual target of Igcritic as this program seeks to attach itself to the most commonly used browsing apps in order to use them as tools for ad generation. Typically, you will notice the browser hijacker right away because it will start interrupting your regular web surfing activity with various sponsored advertisements and hard-to-remove on-screen messages the moment it gets installed. Another thing you may notice is that the homepage domain and/or the search engine of your browser may be replaced with a different one that you had not approved. This is yet another of the approaches the intrusive program uses to ensure the display of more ads and page redirects to sponsored sites.

Fortunately, Igcritic is not a malicious program, Ransomware, a Trojan or some nasty virus that wants to harm your computer. The objective of this browser hijacker is to promote specific services, products and websites and to generate income for its developers through remuneration methods such as Pay-Per-Click and Pay-Per-View. Many people, however, find the operation of the program invasive and annoying. Besides, the unwanted changes that Igcritic can make to various elements of your browser (the search engine interface and settings, the default homepage URL, the new tab page appearance, etc.) typically cannot be reset or reversed in any way. Thus, people seek for more radical solutions and choose to uninstall the nagging program and remove its ads entirely.

Of course all these changes are intended to maximize the number of advertisements you get exposed to while you are spending time online. And because each click brings money to the Igcritic’s developers, you are most likely to get bombarded with hundreds of pop-ups, colorful banners, flashy notifications, text messages, tempting offers and click prompts for as long as the browser hijacker operates on your computer or until you take action to uninstall it. That’s why the most effective way to stop Igcritic from interrupting your web surfing with its nagging commercials and browser changes is to permanently remove it. The good news is that, once the unwanted program is gone, the changes that it has made to your browser’s search engine, homepage, toolbar, etc. will also be gone and you will be able to use your browsing app as before.

If you decide to keep the browser hijacker in your system for whatever reason, however, you should be aware of the potential risks and the issues that such software may create. For one, you may be  exposed to different questionable offers, unrealistic deals, misleading links and fake pop-ups that may not only trick you into downloading or purchasing some low-quality products and services, but may also put you face to face with online scams, viruses and other nasty security threats. Some of the worst examples are the infamous Trojans, Spyware and Ransomware viruses which commonly use the method of malvertising to spread across the web. With this in mind, our sincere recommendation is to keep away from the content that programs like Igcritic display and preferably uninstall them as soon as they are embedded in your device.


Name Igcritic
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Remove Igcritic Pop up

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