Infpub.dat (Bad Rabbit Ransomware)


This page aims to help you remove Infpub.dat (Bad Rabbit Ransomware) File. Our removal instructions work for every version of Windows.

Infpub.dat File is used by the ransomware known as Bad Rabbit to initiate the encryption of your files. If you already have on your hard drive please continue with our article. If not, you might want to consider creating a file with this exact file name to circumvent the virus from completing the encryption process.

Is the term ‘’Trojans’’ familiar to you? No doubt, it is as these programs are incredibly popular in the cyber world. At the present moment, this name stands for all the viruses that seem harmless in the beginning. And the same initially innocent programs appear to have some extremely malicious effects after that. Actually, this is the name of the biggest malware family, which has ever been known to man, and that can be blamed for more than 75% of all the malicious infections that have ever taken place. In the following passages we have tried to describe all the characteristic features of this software group, as well as the most essential features of Infpub.dat, the program we will be focused on, in particular. We really believe that the Removal Guide we have below will also prove helpful when it comes to the removal of this exact Trojan version.

The usual characteristic features of all Trojan horse viruses in general

In general, any representative of this malicious software category can be characterized by its very subtle way of behaving. You are going to read in the following paragraphs that all such viruses can be programmed to perform a huge range of illegal/ malicious tasks during the period they are installed on your PC. However, all these bothering activities are very likely to be performed in secret and you might not notice any signs of malicious activities before the virus has achieved its true initial purpose. What’s more, you need to know that all of these malware programs may be extremely different when it comes to what hackers might program them to do while inside your system. Still, the most common traits of all these viruses are their capability of hijacking your system subtly, without any signs of that. Only after that do you realize something has gone wrong and you have been infected by a virus.

Trojans normally differ in purpose. What you must be prepared for when it comes to Infpub.dat File

  • All the members of this family can be exploited with the intention to crash entire systems.
  • Another likely way of using such a virus is for formatting PC disks and drives; and rendering the affected users unable to fully use the features of their systems.
  • As strange as it could appear at first, some scammers choose random computers and have fun by totally crashing them. It could not be strictly personal against you, it may simply be the sense of humor of the cyber criminals who have unleashed the virus.
  • Sometimes Infpub.dat File might be used as an instrument for spying on users. The terrible law-breaking hackers behind this malicious program are even capable of turning on all your PC’s recording devices such as microphones and cameras to stalk you all the time. What’s more, the virus might enable them to keep track of your keystrokes, hence of your account credentials, passwords and various other sensitive info.
  • The hackers who develop and distribute Trojans may also desire some details connected to your workplace. As a result, all your activities concerning your job might get spied on.
  • The virus may simply be programmed to turn your device into a bot and exploit all its resources, normally for dishonest purposes.
  • Every single Trojan can be a tool for distributing Ransomware versions. This means that all your data may be in an awful danger, since the ransom-demanding programs typically encode files and may never restore them; even when the payment of the ransom has been transferred.

What are the most common Trojan horse sources:

  • Infpub.dat File may be a part of web pages, torrents and shareware platforms.
  • Such malware versions could come from video and movie-streaming web locations, especially illegal ones, violating various copyright policies.
  • Getting Infpub.dat File is also very likely if you access a contagious letter from your email or anything attached to it, like a video, an image, even any text document.
  • Catching a Trojans is also possible in the event that you click on any fake pop-up ad you might come across online. Such ads are not malicious themselves in most of the cases, however, they could redirect you to web addresses with  malicious content.

As far as the successful removal of Infpub.dat File goes, we recommend you see the Removal Guide below.


Name Infpub.dat
Type Trojan
Detection Tool


Infpub.dat File (Bad Rabbit Ransomware) Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.

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