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This page aims to help you remove InitialPage123 “Virus”. Our removal instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as every version of Windows.

InitialPage123 “Virus” is a browser hijacking program that enforces a number of unwanted browser modifications such as homepage or search engine replacements, page redirects and intrusive advertisements, different pop-ups and banners. Part of its features is also invasive data tracking activity, which is able to monitor the users’ browsing history, the latest pages they visit, their bookmarks, likes and shares and match their recent search queries with some of the displayed sponsored websites and ads. InitialPage123 “Virus” is usually distributed as a free piece of software and it is able to directly integrate with all the popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Explorer or any other. A lot of users have recently reached us with complaints about the aggressive activity of this browser hijacker, that’s why on this page we decided to give them a helping hand. In the lines that follow, we will explain the typical traits of InitialPage123 “Virus” and its similar programs, we will tell you exactly how problematic a piece of software like this one can be and how to effectively uninstall it from your system. The removal guide, which you can find below, will show you exactly how to remove the browser hijacker from your PC and bring your affected browser back to normal.

Is InitialPage123 “Virus” a virus?

Browser hijackers like InitialPage123 “Virus” could certainly cause a lot of frustration. The modifications that they may impose and the amount of ads they can generate may heavily interfere with the users’ normal web activity. Some people may get irritated to such a point, that they may really be eager to remove this nagging piece of software and all of its popping ads, sponsored homepages, search engines and tabs once and for all. This, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that InitialPage123 “Virus” is some sort of harmful program or a computer virus. Most of the programs that fall into the browser hijacker category, are harmless pieces of software, which are mainly programmed to serve the needs of the online advertising industry and their developers. They are used to aggressively promote specific products, services, sites and goods, and bring some income to their owners thanks to Pay-Per-Click campaigns. This is an absolutely legal usage of the hijackers, and though they can be annoying, they really don’t aim to do harm to your system unlike the viruses, or some nasty threats like Trojans or Ransomware. In many cases, users are able to simply ignore the unpleasant changes, page redirects, and ads, but if you don’t want to endure the aggressive ad-generating activity every day, you have all the right to remove the program that is causing you disturbance.

Some issues, related to InitialPage123 “Virus” that you should know of:

The browser modifications may not be the only inconvenience that the browser hijacker may cause. There are a couple more reasons in favor of the uninstallation of InitialPage123 “Virus”, which you should consider. As we already mentioned, this program may be used to collect some information about your online activity. It may have access to your browsing history, your latest search queries, bookmarks and pages you frequently visit. The owners of the program can read this data, analyze it, use it for their aggressive marketing campaigns or sell it to other marketers for profits. In a way, this can be considered a privacy invasion, especially since the browser hijacker doesn’t really give an option to the users to disable such data tracking activity, if they don’t want to be part of it. Another rather risky thing is the interaction with the randomly generated ads and unknown web pages where the hijacker may redirect you to. If you are not careful and just click on every pop-up, you may find yourself on sites where you never intended to visit. Unknown web locations and sketchy ads are never to be trusted since such content may hide potential danger like computer viruses, Trojans, Ransomware and other nasty threats.

To prevent browser hijackers, don’t neglect options like “Advanced” or “Custom”!

A program like InitialPage123 “Virus” has many ways to land on your PC. From software bundles to intrusive online ads, spam e-mails and shady messages, spreading on Facebook or Skype, different torrents, free installers, free new application setups and shareware sites, they all can be potential transmitters of browser hijackers. In most of the cases, the users have no idea that such software may be packed along with another interesting program that they have installed, but this is how InitialPage123 “Virus” and other similar tools usually get inside the users’ machine. That’s why, it is of great importance for you to pay attention to the detailed installation options like “Advanced” or “Custom” and use them with every new setup bundle that you intend to install. If there is a program, which you don’t want, it won’t take you more than one click to effectively disable it from the installer. You better do that before the installation has been completed, else you will have to face the effects of the potentially unwanted software on your machine.


Name InitialPage123
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

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InitialPage123 Virus Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.


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