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Instant Apps

In the event that your Android tablet, phablet or smartphone has recently been affected by a program called Instant Apps “Virus”, you may be concerned with the safety of your device at this point. Thankfully, Instant Apps “Virus” is simply what’s known as a browser hijacker and not a virus or malicious program of any kind. It’s called that because it usually replaced the homepage and default search engine of your Chrome, Firefox or other browser and redirects you to various web locations. But that doesn’t make it entirely safe to keep on your portable device and below we will explain in short why that it is. In addition, below this article you will also find a removal guide with several simple steps to help you remove Instant Apps “Virus” from your system.

Why browser hijackers shouldn’t be kept on your device

Browser hijackers like Instant Apps “Virus” are generally regarded as benign, however, many security experts tend to categorize them as potentially unwanted programs or PUPs. On the one hand, it’s because they usually end up on users’ devices without them necessarily wanting them to be there. And on the other hand, they may often result in a handful of unpleasant side effects. These include a slowdown of your device, due to the activities the hijacker runs in the background. In addition, it takes up space on your device, as well as RAM and CPU time.

Other side effects include the fact that software of this type actually tends to track your browsing habits so as to optimize its advertising campaigns. This traffic data, as it’s called, can then later be sold to third parties for additional profit, and that’s not something many users are comfortable with. Furthermore, though we already pointed out that Instant Apps “Virus” is not a virus, it could potentially end up exposing your smartphone or tablet to online threats. This can happen as a result of the constant redirecting, for example.

All in all, you can clearly see that there’s no use in keeping Instant Apps “Virus” on your device, so removing it is the optimal solution to this issue. We’d also like to share a good tip with you so you can avoid this kind of software in the future. Hijackers usually come as integral components of other apps. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to only trust the Google Play Store for the download of any programs. And on top of that it would also be good to do some research prior to downloading an app and that will likely to tell you if there’s an advertising component in it or not.

Instant Apps Removal

We are sending you to another page with a removal guide that is regularly updated to counter the latest tricks malware creators use. It will show you how to:
1. Locate and clean up your phone’s apps if they are infected.
2. Find browser extensions related to the threat and how to remove them.
3. Ensure your passwords were not stolen or tampered with.
You can find the removal guide here.


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