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This page helps users remove “Internet Security Alert 055bccac9fec”. Support numbers used by this scam: 844-395-1479, 888-487-2919, 866-897-2718, 8886233522, 8778734887, 866-377-6274.

“Internet Security Alert 055bccac9fec” is a potentially unwanted piece of software that can hijack your browser and make your time spent using the browsing program really unpleasant. This browser hijacker promises to improve the users’ web surfing experience by making modifications in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or any other browser that is installed on the computer, but in fact, it does the exact opposite. For example, as soon as this program gets installed in the system, the default web browser starts behaving strangely. Users complain about large amounts of ads appearing on their screens out of the blue. Typically, these ads are labeled with the following text: “Ads powered by Internet Security Alert 055bccac9fec” or something like that. Some people also report the integration of new homepages or search engines, which replace their default ones and cannot be uninstalled.

Generally, the purpose of a browser hijacker like the “Internet Security Alert 055bccac9fec” popup is to flood you with third-party ads, pop-ups and banners, so you can click on them (deliberately or accidentally) and visit the sponsored web page. Each unique visit generates pay-per-click revenue for the creators of these ad-generating browser-redirects. That’s why they are typically quite aggressive in their advertising activity and irritate the users with their never-ending stream of pop-ups and redirects. For this reason, despite the fact that browser hijackers technically do not belong to any malware category, it is recommended that you remove them from your computer.

Surfing the web can be seriously affected when you have a browser-hijacker like “Internet Security Alert 055bccac9fec” in the system!

When on your computer, the “Internet Security Alert 055bccac9fec” popup can change the homepage and new tab settings as well as the default search settings in favor of some sponsored new tools. Keep in mind that the results, provided by the newly imposed search engine may be full of promotional links, redirecting to potentially dangerous web pages. In most of the cases, the web pages that are advertised in this way are trying to increase their page rank by getting more visits but they may also trick you into installing suspicious software on your computer or expose you to malicious content such as Ransomware, Trojans and Spyware viruses.

The clearest sign that “Internet Security Alert 055bccac9fec” is hidden on your computer is the redirects that interrupt your browsing and the potential browser modifications that have occurred without your permission. Some of the users who have been affected by this browser hijacker report links that redirect them to web locations different than the ones they actually wished to go to as well as exposure to unwanted pop-up ads that bother them. If you want to avoid such redirects, you basically need to remove “Internet Security Alert 055bccac9fec” from your system. To uninstall this intrusive browser-hijacking software, however, you may need the help of a professional removal tool or a detailed removal guide.

According to the victims who have already encountered it, “Internet Security Alert 055bccac9fec” is quite difficult to remove, as the software might leave no components in the Control Panel and might bring back its browser-extension element even after you disable it and remove it. Some customers also report that resetting the browser settings is only a temporary solution to the problem. This means that the hijacker uses additional components that get installed deep inside the system and help it get re-added to the browser. “Internet Security Alert 055bccac9fec” may also target your Windows Registry. With a few small changes to your to certain Registry keys or with the addition of several new ones, this browser hijacker may make your browser obey its commands in a variety of ways.

If you want to keep things under control, however, you should remove the hijacker from the system. The best and fastest way to do that is to you use the professional malware removal program offered on the current page. It can detect and uninstall the hijacker in no time and without risk for your PC. Manual removal instructions are also available in the Removal Guide below if you feel like you can handle this on your own. For best results, though, we would advise you to combine both methods and use them together.

Avoid installing potentially unwanted programs by following these tips:

Browser hijackers are not as dangerous as Ransomware, Trojans or Spyware. They are not even considered to be viruses viruses, yet their intrusive, ad-generating behavior and ability to impose browser changes is what makes them quite unwanted and undesirable. Page-redirects like “Internet Security Alert 055bccac9fec” are often distributed through free software packages and bundles, but you can easily avoid them as long as you know how to stay safe online. First of all, you should pay more attention to the installation process of new software – choose the User/Advanced Setup and avoid following the Recommended/Automatic installation. To keep your computer protected, use a high-quality antivirus program and make sure it always has its latest updates installed and also, do not download any software from unreliable sources.


Name “Internet Security Alert 055bccac9fec”
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

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Internet Security Alert 055bccac9fec Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.

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