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Intuitive Password is an advanced password manager service that includes a wide variety of features such as single-use login codes, password tags, and the ability to securely share your passwords.

Nowadays, users tend to have tenths of online accounts, each secured by a different password, and it can become very easy and likely to lose track of some of your passwords and, in turn, get locked out of your account. In addition, the need to type in your password every time you are about to log in can be annoying. Of course, using the autofill feature of the browser can help here but the problem with it is that it is not as secure as you might think and theres a certain chance that someone might exploit it and learn your login details. This is why password managers have become so popular in recent years. They are tools that allow you to securely manage your passwords and remove the need to remember each and every one of them. They also allow you to log into your accounts with an autofill feature of their own – one that is much less likely to be exploited by hackers and snoopers. All in all, if you constantly need to access different accounts and want to make the process easier without compromising with security, using a password manager is the way to go. However, there are many such services out there and it could oftentimes be difficult to pick the right one for you. This is why we always try to give you all the relevant information you might need to make an informed choice about which specific service and/or product to pick.

As you can already tell, Intuitive Password will be the password manager that we will be talking about in todays review. Intuitive Password is one of the more complex and well-rounded password managers on the market but there are a few things that customers may not like about it so, in order to give you a better idea of how good this service really is and to answer the question whether wed recommend Intuitive Password, we need to take a deeper dive into its different characteristics, which is what we are about to do next.

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Getting started

Once you buy a license for Intuitive Password, download and install the client on your PC, and start it, you will probably want to import all your accountspasswords. The process here is a bit different and somewhat clunkier compared to most other password-managing services. For starters, you cannot import passwords using CSV (comma-separated value), meaning that youd have to individually type in all of the passwords, one by one. For people who have been using another password manager, this wouldnt have been a serious problem, however, werent it for the second oddity related to importing passwords, namely, the fact that you cannot import passwords from another password manager. The combination of these two factors can make it unusually time-consuming to import your passwords to Intuitive Password, especially if theres a lot of them. A small plus here is that you have the option to clone password data entries so if you use one email for all your accounts, this could speed up the process of setting up Intuitive Password.


The interface of Intuitive Password offers a lot of options and it might be a bit too much to take at first, especially if you are a newcomer to this type of virtual service. For starters, there are three menu panels, which could be quite overwhelming even for someone who has used a password manager in the past. On the plus side, once you get to know the client, you will probably appreciate the wide selection of different options that are easily accessible right there on the starting screen of the app. However, it might take awhile before you can get comfortable with this layout. We definitely wouldnt say that the client is particularly user-friendly, especially towards less experienced customers. In terms of ease-of-use, Intuitive Password doesnt seem to live up to its name but if you are a power-user or an expert, we believe it wont be long until you start to like the wide variety easily-accessible settings presented to you.

On the plus side, there is a lot of organizational and fine-tuning freedom here. Intuitive Password gives you many organizational options for your data entries. You can add them to seven different categories (seen in the left panel) and also allows you to add new ones. You can even add subcategories to each of the main ones – users with lots of data entries can greatly benefit from the extensive organizational features included here.

Theres quite a lot of customization freedom regarding the data entries themselves – the Item Editor section to the right allows you to configure many different aspects of each data entry. There isnt only a password and a username field, but there are also fields for the related website, a tag and a note field, and even fields for a security question and the corresponding answer. As we said, power-users will find that theres a lot to be liked here.

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Obviously, one of the main aspects of every password manager is its security levels and privacy policy. Considering the importance of the object this type of service is dealing with – our passwords – it is crucial that the tool has the ability to keep them as secure as possible. For the most part, we were satisfied with what Intuitive Password has to offer in that regard. Firstly, there is a security dashboard in the client that will let you know whenever there are any weak passwords or password duplicates. Next, you are given the option to set password expiration dates and be reminded to change your password when the specified date arrives. A great feature here is the option for a second master password to further solidify the protection of highly important data entries. This two-factor authentication will prevent unauthorized third parties from gaining access to your accounts even if they have somehow gotten their hands on your accounts password. Note, however, that this isnt available with all pricing plans.

There, however, is one serious issue with the way Intuitive Password handles your data. Whereas most password managers assure you that all data you enter into the tool is kept on your computer and the company behind the password manager has no access to it, Intuitive Password keeps all your data on its servers. There are a number of reasons we do not like this approach. One of them is that this could give hackers a bigger opportunity to get their hands on your data. Intuitive Password assures its customers that all the precautionary measures to prevent this have been taken but it is still a data-handling approach that is significantly less secure. Of course, theres also the question about privacy – many users may not want to entrust their most sensitive data and passwords to third parties, even if the third party is their password manager provider. In practice, this way of handling your data shouldnt make much of a difference in almost all cases. However, this approach still requires a certain leap of faith on the users end, which some people may not be comfortable with. Then again, theres the other side of the argument that keeping the data stored on your computer (as it is with other password-managing services) is also not a guarantee that a hacker wont get their hands on it. Nevertheless, we would have preferred if Intuitive Password had stuck to this more conventional approach.


A big selling point of Intuitive Password is its wide variety of features and functions. In addition to more basic tools such as a secure password generator and a browser extension for easier logging-in, you also get the password expiration date function we already mentioned to help you keep your passwords strong and your accounts – as secure as possible.

Password Expire

Additionally, the service comes with password sharing (unlimited) that applies to all pricing plans, including Intuitive Password Free (more on that in a moment). The way this feature works is, when you choose a password you wish to share, you are given a sharing ID and a code that other users of Intuitive Password can use to gain access to the shared password. To make things easier, passwords youve shared and/or that have been shared with you are shown in a different tab on the Intuitive Password interface to keep things organized.

An interesting feature that Intuitive Password has is its Secure Messenger. This might seem a bit odd for most customers, but it is actually a rather useful tool for teams, the members of which all have Intuitive Password on their workstations and need a secure environment for data sharing without the need to use a third-party app, that might not provide the same levels of security and privacy.

The last perk we want to talk about is single-use login codes that are best used when you want to log into any of your accounts on a potentially insecure device. In such cases, using your master password might be dangerous as it might fall into the wrong hands, so the single-use codes are a good alternative. Once you use such a code, it cannot be used again so even if a third-party gets hold of it, it will be of no use for them and your accounts wont get compromised.

Pricing options

Intuitive Password comes with quite a few different pricing variants to suit the needs of as many different types of users as possible. For starters, there is a free version – Intuitive Password Basic – that allows you to store no more than 20 passwords and lacks the option to use two-factor authentication.

The next plan is called Intuitive Password Express and its price is A$2 (Australian dollar) per month, which is approximately equal to US$1.43. Here, the limit of stored passwords is ramped up to 2,000 and you also get the two-factor authentication as well as the option to add up to three tags to each data entry for better organization.

Following the Express plan, there is Intuitive Password Advanced and it comes with an unlimited number of passwords you can store on it, as well as up to 10 tags per data entry. Also, you get the secure messenger tool we mentioned earlier. The price here is A$5 or about US$3.57.

Next, and finally, we have Intuitive Password Pro, which is priced at A$7 (= US$5). Here, youd also get premium customer support, up to 20 tags per password/data entry and 100 codes for single-use logins to help you keep your master password secure when you need to log into your accounts from other devices. Overall, wed say that the prices here are quite affordable but it must be said that there are even better deals out there on the market that offer similar functionality and security options.

Intuitive Password Pricing

Final Notes

Intuitive Password definitely has a lot of value to offer for its inexpensive price. From its password sharing and password generator to its secure messenger and extensive customization and organization options, this service is sure to meet the needs of even the most demanding of users. 

On the other hand, its somewhat overwhelming and not particularly user-friendly interface could seem intimidating to newer users. Also, another potential flaw of Intuitive Password is the fact all user data entries are stored on the companys servers and not on the users computer. 

If, however, you can ignore this or simply dont mind it and give yourself some time to get used to the interface, we believe that you can get quite a lot of use from Intuitive Password and quickly get to appreciate its undeniable strengths.


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