Its your lucky day

Its your lucky day

Its your lucky day is a potentially unwanted application (PUA for short) associated with the browser hijacker category. Its your lucky day is known to introduce unauthorized modifications to the settings of the main browser and to collect data related to the surfing habits of the user.

Its your lucky day

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The browser hijackers like Its your lucky day are a widespread category of software apps that are typically deemed unwanted due to their uncontrolled aggressive and obstructive behavior while in the device. They do not typically operate as separate applications but rather seek to attach themselves to the main browser in the system and function similarly to an extension. In fact, many hijackers are promoted as helpful extensions for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, and other browsers and some users install them willingly. However, usually, there is little to no use in having a hijacker in the browser. An app like this is likely to set a new homepage address and change the default search engine tool used by the browser. It may also swarm your screen with page-redirects that are aimed at boosting the traffic of certain sites. In fact, this is partially what the browser hijackers are created for – to promote sites and increase their traffic via forcing the affected browsers to redirect the users to those sites. The change of the homepage and the new-tab page URLs also serves the same purpose because now each time you start a browsing session you’d be visiting the site that’s on your homepage/new-tab page, thus inadvertently generating traffic to that given site. 

Another thing apps like Its your lucky day are frequently used for is to gather data from the users’ browsers. Usually, this data isn’t sensitive, and it is mostly related to the surfing habits of the user. This may seem like a serious privacy invasion but you should consider the fact that nowadays almost all sites and apps collect such data in order to use it for targeted ads generation. However, the problem with a hijacker doing this is that the collected info may get sold to third parties without you being aware of that. Most hijackers don’t clearly disclose what data gets collected from the browser, how said that would be used, and who it might get sold to. This lack of transparency is one of the reasons why these apps are seen as unwanted.

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probably the biggest problem with software like Its your lucky day is the fact that its presence in the system may result in your device becoming a target for hackers and dangerous malware programs like Worms, Trojans, or Ransomware. The hijacker itself isn’t supposed or intended to in any way damage your system, but it is likely to make your browser less safe with all those ads, redirects to other sites, and changes in the browser’s settings. Hijackers optimize the targeted browsers for advertising activity, which may oftentimes be at the expense of overall safety and security. Therefore, if you want to decrease the chances of landing some Trojan or a Ransomware cryptovirus after accidentally clicking on some sketchy ad generated by Its your lucky day, it is best to uninstall the hijacker that’s responsible for all this. You can find help with the uninstallation of Its your lucky day inside the guide down below – the manual instructions there and the tested removal tool should be more than enough to allow you to uninstall this unwanted app and restore the normal settings of your main browser.


Name Its your lucky day
Type  Browser Hijacker

Its your lucky day Virus Removal

You are dealing with a browser hijacker that can restore itself. We are sending you to another page with a removal guide that gets regularly updated. It covers in-depth instructions on how to:
1. Locate and clean up your phone’s calendar events if they are infected.

  1. Find browser extensions related to the threat and how to remove them.
  2. Ensure your passwords were not stolen or tampered with.
    You can find the removal guide here.

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