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This page aims to help you remove Jamper Chrome Virus. Our removal instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as every version of Windows.

From the regular user’s perspective, programs like Jamper Chrome Virus are nothing more than a nuisance and a source of unpleasant browser changes, homepage or search engine replacements, page redirects and intrusive ads, pop-ups, and banners. But what exactly is hiding beneath this invasive behavior? Is this some virus-like activity that messes with your Chrome, Firefox or Explorer, or malware with some Trojan-Ransomware based harmful abilities? Fortunately, it’s none of the above, but if you stay with us, you will get to know more about the specifics of Jamper Chrome Virus, its abilities, level of harmfulness and all the issues it may cause. What is more, if you find its activity disturbing, you can use the instructions in the removal guide below to remove all of its modifications and fully uninstall it from your system.

What is the purpose of the browser changes that Jamper Chrome Virus initiates?

The purpose of the strange replacements in your browser’s homepage or search engine as well as the numerous unwanted redirects, ads, and banners, generated by Jamper Chrome Virus, is tied down to a very aggressive advertising approach, which aims to generate profits for the developers of the program. In the basis of this approach is the online advertising industry and its counteragents, which try different methods to advertise certain products, services, and web pages, directly on the users’ screens. They usually use pieces of software like Jamper Chrome Virus (also known as browser hijackers) to help them position specific items on the users’ screen and prompt them to click on them and eventually make a sale. This happens thanks to some rather aggressive approaches like search redirecting and browser settings modifications (aka browser hijacking), as well as the intrusive exposure to ads. As you may guess, everything boils down to making more sales and of course, more profits for the vendors and the marketers, whose items are advertised. The developers, who create such software tools, can also benefit from investing time and efforts into creating them. They usually involve these browser hijacking programs in remuneration models like Pay-Per-Click to earn some profits out of the clicks that the users give on the displayed advertisements and sponsored promotions. This pretty much explains the intrusiveness of programs like Jamper Chrome Virus inside the users’ browser, because they are usually programmed to behave this way and serve the needs of the advertisers, who own them.

What issues may Jamper Chrome Virus create?

The intrusiveness of the browser hijackers is one of the biggest issues that the affected users have to face and one of the main reasons for them to want to get them uninstalled. This intrusiveness is often dictated by the hunger of the browser hijacker developers to make more profit and collect more clicks on the sponsored ads, pop-ups, and websites, which their programs display. Web users, however, may not really see any actual benefit from all the ads and browsing invasion and they may actually end up being disturbed by the undesired changes in their browsing settings, the unstoppable flow of ads, the page redirects and the nagging popping messages that may cover their entire monitor. What is more, programs like Jamper Chrome Virus may affect the way the browser behaves, cause some sluggishness and unresponsiveness as well as some sudden crashes and freezing of the screen, which may interrupt the users’ activity when they least expect it.

Apart from these unwanted effects, which could be enough for some users to decide to remove the browser hijacker from their system, the developers may also use programs like Jamper Chrome Virus for some rather invasive marketing techniques. In their attempts to maximize their profits, they may program the hijackers to collect “traffic data”, keep a track on the users’ latest web activity and searches and gain access to their browsing history in order to increase the effectiveness of the browser hijacker’s advertising campaigns. The problem with these marketing practices is that they can be seen also as a privacy violation and, in fact, are often regarded as concerning according to users. But is there really something concerning about programs of this type? Let’s find out.

Is Jamper Chrome Virus a threat to your system’s safety?

You may see different opinions about the danger level of programs like browser hijackers online. While some users see browser hijackers as a source of some mere browsing disturbance which can be easily ignored, others refer to them as computer viruses and put them next to threats like Trojans, Ransomware, Spyware and other nasty malware. The truth is somewhere in the middle. According to most security experts, programs like this are generally seen as potentially unwanted due to the eventual issues they may cause. However, they are not categorized as a security threat to your system and definitely don’t have the harmful abilities of a virus, or some Trojan-Ransomware based infection. What is more, they are usually legally developed and have nothing to do with the criminal schemes and the destructive activities that the real malware is involved in. Nevertheless, if your browsing has been disturbed, you have all the rights to uninstall any browser hijacker from your system and remove all of its modifications, ads, and nagging popping messages from your browser. 


Name Jamper
Type Browser Hijacker
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Jamper Chrome Virus Removal

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