JS Agent EDB Trj Virus

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The virus we will inform you about in today’s article is one of the most awful ones ever developed. It is known as JS Agent EDB Trj and is one of the so-called Trojan Horses. The reason why this type of malware has been named after the ancient myth about the wooden horse used by the Greeks to infiltrate the city of Troy has to do with the fact that Trojan viruses are very stealthy and difficult to detect once inside the victim’s PC.

Generally, this kind of a program infiltrates your device silently, without giving any sign of its presence. Such malicious software actually relies on your naiveté, and the potential weaknesses of your operating system or of the programs installed on your PC. What’s more, JS Agent EDB Trj could also carry a second piece of malware. Normally, such Trojan horse viruses bring a Ransomware version along.

In the paragraphs below we have explained in details the effects that JS Agent EDB Trj might have on your computer. Right after getting your PC infected, every Trojan of this kind reveals its true intentions. However, the number of the probable ways of using these viruses is great as well as diverse. That is why we have tried to mention the most common possibilities below. We hope our article will turn out to be helpful to you.

The online world is dangerous and you might end up infected at any moment online:

The possible sources that could be spreading JS Agent EDB Trj are not limited to just two or three. Such a malicious program may hide inside torrents, shareware and video-sharing web platforms, other contagious sites. Also, spam e-mails and social media messages are also used to spread Trojans that have been attached to them. Even the mere act of opening infected text documents could get your device infected.

The truth is that sometimes you might not even know where the Trojan has come from. What is most alarming about the distribution of this sort of malware is that it is able to benefit from all the weaknesses your system/programs might have.

Maybe you have no idea that your operating system or any of the installed software on your PC is likely to get hacked. Nonetheless, JS Agent EDB Trj can really use even the tiniest weak spot against you and infect your computer through it.

*If you cannot think of an example of a program/system weakness, one of the most common ones is a never-updated anti-virus app with an expired license that can’t protect your device in the most efficient way. Make sure to never miss any updates or renewals of the license of the anti-virus program you have downloaded and installed. That way you can spare yourself a lot of nerves and annoyance.

What purpose might hackers use JS Agent EDB Trj for?

Similarly to most Trojans, JS Agent EDB Trj might get utilized by the hackers in various ways. It all really depends on the intentions of the criminals who have designed this virus. The most usual of the manners in which they could be used are:

  • Bothering activities like spying on everything that you do online such as signing in credentials; web-based communication; online banking and/or making payments. In fact, your identity as a whole in terms of the info about you that is available online might also be what hackers seek to acquire, modify or exploit in a certain way.;
  • Destructive activities such as deleting some files for good; crashing your entire system; or making it act as a bot and spread spam or even mine crypto currencies for the hackers. ;
  • Letting an even more hazardous malware than it is itself infect your PC. Ransomware-based viruses might be described as some the worst and the most bothering programs you can ever come across while surfing the web. They may use Trojans to invade your devices, and following that – they may do a research on your most regularly accessed files, and encode them all. Later, you might be made to pay a ransom in exchange for the access to your encrypted files. Perhaps this one is exactly the most horrific usage of Trojans.

JS Agent EDB Trj – Removal instructions:

We are very glad to inform you that we have already designed a potential solution for your problems related to JS Agent EDB Trj.

Right below you will find our removal instructions. We really hope that by following them in a cautious way, you will be able to get rid of this virus completely and successfully.


Name JS Agent EDB Trj
Type Trojan
Detection Tool

JS Agent EDB Trj Virus Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.


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