JS:Miner-Q Trojan

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We are publishing this article because the number of the infections caused by a newly-reported Trojan Horse virus known as JS:Miner-Q has drastically increased. To describe this malware in brief, we have to say that it is an awfully dangerous virus threat that can infect computers without getting noticed whatsoever. One other thing to mention about this piece of malware is that it might get used for a number of different purposes and it all depends on what the hacker behind it is after. Since there is such a high level of uncertainty, we are going to mention all the possible sources, the possible consequences and the usual behaviour of the typical Trojans like JS:Miner-Q throughout the passages below. We sincerely believe that we will be able to help you fight this infection and remove it.

In the paragraphs that are coming you are about to find all the details you need to know regarding this sort of malware. What’s more, you are going to be given some very useful prevention tips.

Typical traits of Trojan viruses:

Most Trojan-based viruses are seen as incredibly hazardous. Really, the programs from this malicious category could be very different when it comes to the possible distribution methods they may use. Furthermore, they could have as many uses as their purposes might be.

What is typical for all of them and makes them a group is their ability to act in a stealthy way and infect your PC silently and in secret. Actually, most often, the victim users get no clear evidence or signs about the fact that their systems have been infected. That is how the ancient wooden Trojan horse from the famous Greek legend was used– silently and mischievously. And that’s the reason why these viruses received such a name – because of the way they usually function when infecting a device.

For the successful removal of a virus like JS:Miner-Q, go to the Removal Guide below the chart after the article. Hopefully, it will contain the needed details and instructions to help you cope with the your particular case of a Trojan Horse infection.

JS:Miner-Q Trojan may be used for:

Obviously, these viruses could be used for a huge number of various purposes such as:

  • The dishonest criminals who create and unleash viruses such as JS:Miner-Q might be after your money or your identity. Actually, that is the real reason why Trojans might occasionally be exploited for illegally tracking and stealing some account details that could later allow these criminals to drain your deposits or start controlling your online identity, possibly even committing cyber crimes on your behalf. Of course, that sounds incredibly disturbing and stressful as you might be convicted afterwards without having done anything illegal yourself.
  • This kind of a malicious programs may be used for installing other types of malware on your personal computer. What a virus like JS:Miner-Q may do is it can sneak into your system other forms of harmful malware such as, for instance, a Ransomware version.

In case you don’t know and haven’t already heard about it, Ransomware is a type of malware that is expert at encoding data and demanding a ransom in return the special key that can unlock the encrypted files. Still, no guarantee may be given for the recovery of the encoded files, regardless of what the victim user does. Usually, the hackers may provide the decryption details but the damage could already be done.

  • The online criminals behind JS:Miner-Q could also become abusive with regards to you as an individual. Such individuals with twisted minds might use such versions of malware with the purpose to take over your system and track all of your steps, no matter whether they have been done online or in the real world outside. All the following aspects of your system – web cameras and microphones, could get turned on into tools for spying on and stalking you.

How to successfully avoid and/or remove JS:Miner-Q:

For the purpose of staying away from any Trojan version, you need to learn about the most typical sources of the known Trojans. Avoiding them may equal preventing such awfully dangerous cyber-threats from affecting you. The most basic of the numerous possible methods for spreading JS:Miner-Q are the ones listed below:

    • All kinds of the Malvertising (the distribution of pop-up ads related to malware-infected web platforms);
    • Different odd or unexpected emails, both inside your Spam Folder and your regular Inbox. Be especially careful with such spam letters if they contain links or file attachments – in such a case, make sure to keep away from the attached content!;
    • Various free torrents, shareware, video/movie-streaming web pages: these pages may be illegal and really contain malicious software.


Name JS:Miner-Q
Type Trojan
Detection Tool

JS:Miner-Q Trojan Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.


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