JS Nemucod Trojan

This page aims to help you remove the JS Nemucod Trojan. These JS Nemucod Trojan removal instructions work for every version of Windows.

Chances are that you have some experience with viruses if you are reading this article, whether its a positive or negative. In most cases there is one particular type of computer virus that is extremely nasty. It borrows the same name given to the cunning device used in a popular Greek myth. And this name is not just for show either, since its considered one of the main threats PCs face these days. Today, we are going to talk about a Trojan horse virus known as JS Nemucod Trojan. We’ve compiled a set of proven removal procedures you can follow to remedy your infected PC. However, before jumping straight to them at the end of this article, we strongly recommend you have a read at the follow paragraphs, because we are going to talk about some of the main distinctive features of JS Nemucod Trojan. These will help you recognize it (and other Trojans) in the future as well as help you combat them.

What exactly is a Trojan and how does JS Nemucod Trojan resemble them? What makes them the most common virus type?

Trojans are malicious programs that are really versatile at what they do. They trick users into downloading them to infect their PCs and do various illegal activities based on the attackers motives. They can perform basically anything once they attain elevated privileges in your system. They can execute any command or task, giving the attacker full freedom. He can decide if he wants to go destructive, steal data and private information, spy or demand ransom in exchange for your restored access to your computer. In most cases, they can restrict your actions, making you helpless unless you know what to do. Fortunately for you, there are proven methods for battling JS Nemucod Trojan or Trojans in general.

To better understand the sheer potential of these dangerous pieces of software, allow us to outline some of their uses:

  • Their destructive uses vary greatly based on what the attacker hopes to achieve. The Trojans can cause data corruption, they can modify or delete files, crash your computer, format disks to destroy the data in them or even spread malware inside across your network.

  • They can enslave your PC and use it for various malicious activities that the attacker plans to do on a large scale. By controlling your machine’s resources, the Trojan can use your system to participate in large scale attacks such as DDOS. They turn your computer into a bot as a part of a botnet. In addition to that, they can also mine cryptocurrencies, which effectively means that they make money by using your PC.

  • In terms of data theft, the attackers are mostly after passwords used in valuable accounts of yours, personal information they can sell and payment card information.

  • They can also spy on you by monitoring your key strokes, watching your screen, webcam. In extreme cases they can remotely access and control your computer.

Trojans use known vulnerabilities in different versions of Windows to penetrate your OS. Some abuse a security flaw in older versions of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. From that point they often use your own computer as an anonymizer proxy, which enables them to use the Internet to perform various illegal activities while at the same time remaining autonomous about it. The host’s computer may or may not display the internet history viewed by using aforementioned proxy.

The popularity of botnets among hackers has increased the popularity of Trojan horses as a type of virus. According to a survey hosted by one of the bigger anti-virus developers, Trojans are on the rise, accounting for 83-percent of infections among users. It is also said that 15% of computers are used in a botnet.

Final words

If you’re done reading everything thus far, then you have increased your worldview on viruses, so to speak. Trojans are the most common enemy you could face, so its a no brainer when it comes to learning what they are and why you should be careful when browsing the internet and downloading unknown programs. In the end, even the most innocent of applications can turn up to be a Trojan in disguise. As a final word, consider taking the easier approach of downloading the removal tool we recommend to uninstall JS Nemucod Trojan.


Name JS Nemucod Trojan
Type Trojan
Detection Tool

Remove JS Nemucod Trojan

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You can find the removal guide here.


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